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21 Mar 2012 13:33 The CWIF: All the Scores

We've finally had a chance to check through all the scores from The CWIF and we've brought them altogether on this one blog for you to view as pdf's.

Mens Qualifying Results>>
Womens Qualifying Results>>
Team Results>>

Mens Semi-Finals Results>>
Womens Semi-Final Results>>

Final Results>>

 ph. adambailes.co.uk
ph. adambailes.co.uk
ph. adambailes.co.uk


19 Mar 2012 15:37 CWIF Report from Dave Mason

A week has passed and The Climbing Works has just about returned to normal. Illnesses, fatigue and workloads over powered the weekend endorphin's and the end of last week was a struggle for most of the team here. We've finally totted up all the scores and we will post the final results tomorrow. In the meantime we have the CWIF team scores which you can view on our website here. If your team is missing it's because we only put in scores with teams that consisted of 4 people. If you had 4 in your team and it is missing, get in touch as not all scorecards had their team details on them.  

Over the next few weeks we'll be posting some more reports and galleries in relation to The CWIF and we start off with one from our own Dave Mason. If you weren't here, you'll definitely get a feel of what The CWIF is like to both the competitors and the crowd.

Mina going for it in the Finals. Ph. Adam Bailes c. http://adambailes.co.uk/

"Spring is in the air in Sheffield-the temperatures are rising and the days are getting longer, the daffodils and snow drops are even starting to poke their heads up.  For climbers this means more chance of getting out on “God’s” own rock even if it is a little hot, after all what’s better than an a circuit at Stanage followed by a pint in the evening sun?

Hang on though, it’s the second weekend in March and that means only one thing-The CWIF!! That’s right 346 (260 men & 86 women) competitors piled into the Climbing Works over this glorious weekend for the 6th annual Climbing Works International Festival.

The route setting team (Percy, Jamie, Jackie, Longy, Pickles and the Enigma) had had a busy few days, setting and testing 38 blocs in 48 hours that would hopefully allow everyone to get at least a point but also split the top dogs with something evil, conjured from the minds of these twisted individuals. This is what The CWIF is all about, having something for everyone, a competition where Joe Bloggs can compete against the likes of Alex Puccio and Guillame Glairon-mondet (Gigi) without feeling out of place.

Chris on Mens Final bloc 1. Ph. Adam Bailes c. http://adambailes.co.uk/

Saturday morning comes and at 8am the first of the AM qualifiers stumble in, most with a glazed look on their faces as if they had been rudely awakened from a slothly slumber. As you can imagine the coffee machine had a very busy morning. This contingent featured some strong Brits while most of the foreign WAD’s decided to sleep a little longer and wait for the afternoon qualifying round. With only three and a half hours to complete 30 blocs, time was short, but the atmosphere is good. Laughter, shouts of beta and whoops of support and congratulations fill the place and then there are the nerves.

Everyone is nervous, it’s natural but it’s how you let them affect you that make the difference. As the time ticks by competitors start to get a little more frantic-trying to scramble up those problems that are just a little out of reach, searching for that elusive extra bonus point that could make all the difference. Chalk settles on spectators shoulders, the route setters sit there with a smug yet bedraggled look on their faces (I think they might be slightly tired, oh and the Enigma has a very fat ankle) and still the coffee machine works tirelessly on, with no complaints.

Ned getting himself in a twist on Poo Corner, bloc 3 in the Finals. Ph. Adam Bailes c. http://adambailes.co.uk/

12:30pm equals time up for the early birds. No surprises really - Dave Barrans looked mutant strong and topped all the blocs, earning himself a tidy 291 out of 300, in a close second Jon Partridge got a very respectable 278 with James Garden coming in 3rd with 251. In the girls Shauna Coxsey, Alex Puccio, Leah Crane and Mina Leslie-Wujastyk all boasted a pretty impressive tally that should secure them places in tomorrow’s semi-finals. Now it’s time to refuel and relax – there is a certain smugness with the am competitors as they leave, their eagerness and decision to climb in the morning now results in a few extra hours of recovery time which could be all important in the Semi-Finals on the Sunday.

Round two!! DING DING!! The afternoon rabble shows up, looking all wide eyed and bushy tailed after their extra hours under the duvet. Among the contenders is Ned ‘the Champ’ Feehally, Gigi (who managed a poultry 3rd in the World last year) and a few 8C boulderers’ thrown in for good measure by the names of Chris Webb-Parsons and Micky Page, not forgetting our current resident Italian Stallion Michele Caminati, who managed an ascent of Kaluza Klein (E7 6c) at Robin Hoods Stride the day before – just a good rest day for Michele. Representing the French XX Chromosome was Melanie Sandoz, Anne-Laure Chevrier and Clementine Kaiser,  ladies who can certainly crank!!

To summarize the 3.5 hour afternoon session-they all qualified. Time for home and time to refuel, shovelling in those carbs and protein to aid the bodies’ recovery and for the fingers? Well I bet a whole lot of anti-hydral and moisturiser was used in Sheffield on that Saturday night.

A big crowd watching the Finals. Ph. Adam Bailes c. http://adambailes.co.uk/

Sunday appears to be another glorious day in South Yorkshire and yet I arrive at the Works an hour before the semis are due to start and all the seating is taken up. Not what I expected but bloody brilliant! I am really pleased that the spectator side of competition climbing in the UK is starting to pick up-these events really are great, spectacular to watch and the crowd plays a really important part in getting the competitors psyched up. A few hundred people all packed into that small space fuelled by free prizes, music from the Gusinator and the chance to see some outstandingly acrobatic feats of strength creates a buzz that could match Wembley on match day (well nearly).

The semis are HARD and we wait a while to see a block topped. The first comes courtesy of British team member Tom ‘gangle’ Newman on men’s number 3 and it really is a fight! In the 5 minutes Tom has to climb the bloc he edges closer and closer; it’s a burly, strength centred climb up the middle of the Berghaus competition wall, big moves and long limbs flying all over the place as Tom latches the final hold and the crowd erupt, Tom pumps his body up and down, psyched out of his tiny mind and he hasn’t even matched yet!! Luckily he does-will that secure him a finals place?

Even as the ‘big guns’ come out problems still aren’t a given, although Gigi decides to show us how the French do it by flashing problem 1, then latching the hardest move in the semi-finals to do problem 2, a minor hiccup occurs on problem 3 (so he is human after all), but straight back to business by topping problem 4!. With a display like that it’s only right that he wins the semi-finals and puts himself into strong contention for the finals. Others to make it through were Tito Calyeron, Dave Barrans, Chris Webb-Parsons, Ned Feehally and yes, problem number 3 was enough for Tom.

Gigi grooving along in Poo corner in the Finals Ph. Adam Bailes c. http://adambailes.co.uk/

The women’s was a similarly difficult affair with 1 top in 2 attempts getting you through. Shauna cruised into the finals topping all 4 blocs and showing a mixture of brawn and brains goes a long way in competition climbing. Puccio crushed 3 climbs and came in second followed by Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, Leah Crane, Clementine Kaiser and Gill Peet. The British girls representing well and it’s a big surprise to not see Melanie or Anne-Laure in the finals.

So as the competitors have a brief break before the finals, while we lesser athletes tuck into the free BBQ that the Climbing Works have so generously put on. A FREE BBQ basking in the sun eating burgers and drinking beer - can you imagine a better way to spend a Sunday? I can’t and neither can everyone else as we managed to munch our way through 300 burgers all cooked to perfection by George ‘chef’ Taylor and Matt ‘sous’ chef Bird. Thank you boys!

Alex crushing Womens bloc 2 in the Finals. Ph. Adam Bailes c. http://adambailes.co.uk/


The finals is even busier, creating an electric atmosphere with DJ Gallup joining Gusinator in the DJ booth after managing a very respectable 9th place in the semis . Percy warms up the mic with insults and banter for anyone in range, what a kind hearted soul he is. The competitors come out and are presented to the crowd. They then get their 2 minutes to view each of the 4 blocs. The girls first is a hideous slab and the guys is a slopey pinch fest while the rest of the blocs require a suitable amount of thinking outside of the box with double dyno’s and gunny pulling for the girls. To quote Matthew Syed from the Times the guys are going to have “to play vertical chess with their bodies at lightning speed and with not a semblance of inhibition”.

Kaiser Clementine giving it her all on the Womens #4 blocs in the Finals. Ph. Adam Bailes c. http://adambailes.co.uk/

The finals were close especially in the men’s with Gigi and Dave battling it out till the end. It all came down to the last boulder with Dave leading by 1 attempt, topping it would all but bring him the CWIF crown. For Dave this would mean everything; other than Stew Watson he has lead the way for Brits in the international comps over the last few years but always comes second in national events. After managing to get to the last move a few times, his 4 minutes were up and he hadn’t topped the final bloc 4. Was he going to end up in his familiar second place? Only Gigi could decide that. An antagonising 4 minutes for Dave, in which I can’t imagine he could even watch. Gigi like Dave managed to get to the last moves on his first go, only to come off too but slightly higher than Dave.  Could he improve? The crowd urged him on (although i’m sure we all wanted Dave to win - sorry Gigi). Fatigue was definitely setting in but yet again he got through to the last move only to....... flail at that out of reach top volume!! Dave had finally won and in my opinion he had fully earned it, he was ecstatic and rightfully so. A day later he posted on Twitter that he still couldn’t believe he had “finally won one”. Looking as strong as you do Dave, I can! Ned brought the bronze home with Tito in 4th, Chris in 5th and Tom in 6th. A quick note here for everyone to send their best wishes to Chris after injuring his shoulder on problem 1. He has worked and trained so hard for the World Cup circuit this year and for him to not be able to compete would be heart breaking. Speedy recovery buddy our thoughts are with you and that bloody shoulder.

The Mens Podium. From left Ned Feehally (3rd), Dave Barran (1st), Guillame Glarion-Mondet (2nd). 

Ph. Adam Bailes c. http://adambailes.co.uk/

The girl’s was really a two horse race in the end between Shauna and Alex. Shauna looked strong and confident and Alex didn’t quite look her normal (exceptional) self and in the end this made the difference. Shauna topped all 4 blocs showing again why she is the British Bouldering and Lead Champion, Alex did 2 climbs, although she should have completed 3; after getting herself tied up on the slab, then untying herself she came off with both hands on the finishing volume. Leah pipped Mina into third with an impressive flash of the slab, Mina managed to latch the double dyno faster than anyone else and got to the bonus on fourth but it wasn’t quite enough. Clementine came in 5th with Gill in 6th.

 The Womens Podium. From left Leah Crane (3rd), Shauna Coxsey (1st), Alex Puccio (2nd). Ph. Adam Bailes c. http://adambailes.co.uk/


Shauna Coxsey, CWIF 2012 Champion Ph. Adam Bailes c. http://adambailes.co.uk/

So two British CWIF champions! The crowd was pleased, perhaps even elated; they had seen awesome performances of competition climbing at its best and hopefully this thirst for watching and supporting comp climbing will continue in the UK. Make sure you all follow, watch and support the Brits on the live streams of the World Cup events starting in China on 13th-14th April.

Team Beastmaker (Michele Caminati, Shauna Coxsey, Ned Feehally & Chris Webb Parsons) picking up their £500 for top team. Ph. Adam Bailes c. http://adambailes.co.uk/

Trophies, medals, prize money and a space hopper podium for the competitors and a raffle for the spectators finished the evening off well. A quick tidy up and the Climbing Works, coffee machine included, was put to sleep after a busy & fatiguing weekend. The crowd moved onto the Broadfield allowing the dust to settle and silence to envelop the wall once more; I don’t envy the cleaners on Monday morning.

A big shout out to all those involved-competitors (it wouldn’t be possible without you), setting boys (it definitely wouldn’t be possible without you) and the Climbing Works and all those associated with the wall, as it would be impossible without you!!! Thank you Graeme, Percy and Sam for putting on the show and all the tireless work from Alice, Anthony, Brian, Claire T, Claire Y, Dan, Fred, Jake, Katy, Lily, Lu, Phil, Pirie, Tim, all the judges and brushers and anyone else I might of forgotten..... oh yeah and of course Matt, the man who does a bit of everything at the wall, works ridiculously hard whilst getting a barrage of constant abuse from Sir Percy.


14 Mar 2012 19:13 The CWIF: Photos

We're still recovering from The CWIF (Graeme & I both have a cold) and are very humbled by the kind words from members and people on Facebook and Twitter. It's also good to hear feedback and it's even nicer if it is positive.

We published a report on The CWIF on Tuesday but we received a few photos from Alex Messenger that were worth sharing just as it showed the massive crowd that attended the Final.


The bottom picture shows the screen with the webcast going on the background. We put this up for the expected overspill and even then we still had a few people once again watching through the windows from the car park.

You can also view a range of excellent photos, like the ones below, from the weekend by Jen Randall on her blog>>



13 Mar 2012 15:27 The CWIF 2012 Report

It's been nearly 48hrs and it just about feels that The Climbing Works is returning to normal. There has been little rest bite from the weekend as we reset, rebuild and recover from undoubtedly the most successful CWIF we've ever had. We're still sorting everything out but we've got the Final scores now available to view and you can view the Semi-Final results and preliminary qualifying results on our blog. We'll get everything finalised by the end of the week including the Team results. Below is a report from the weekend that will hopefully give you an idea of what it was like to be here.

The CWIF 2012
To make a climbing competition successful you need many different components to come together just right. You need high quality competitors, an impressive wall, an enthusiastic crowd and top-level routesetting. The 2012 Climbing Works International Festival had all this and more. We also had perfect weather (which would usually be a huge detriment to an indoor bouldering competition) giving the Sunday especially a feel of early Summer as people enjoyed the sunshine at the free afternoon BBQ.

Shauna Coxsey going big on one of the qualifier blocs. 

ph: Jen Randall www.jenrandall.co.uk


The Saturday morning actually started off grey but with the arrival of the first of the 344 competitors the sun broke out and we opened up the windows as the temps began to rise. Split over 2 sessions (am & pm) the qualifiers were designed & set to whittle the climbing masses down to just 20 Men & Women who would move through to the Semi's on Sunday afternoon. 30 blocs on White holds that ranged from the physical to the outright technical had the competitors realising that they had to bring their A game just to get a personally decent score.

ph: Jen Randall www.jenrandall.co.uk

Many competitors were left bemused by the creations but the qualifying results show a range of scores from 0 to 291 with very few tied places/scores. It is an incredible skill to separate out so many people and it is high praise for the route-setters that they set such a diverse circuit. The top score was from Dave Barrans who got an incredibly 291, climbing every problem with 28 flashes (10pts), 1 2nd go(7pts) and 1 3rd go(4pts). A performance that stood him in good stead for the rest of the weekend.


So many good problems, so much fun. It would make anyone go green. All photos: Liz Maher

Sunday morning brought beautiful sunshine and it was rather humbling for us to see such a big crowd here for the Semi Finals. In 2009 we had a similar size number for the main Final, in 2012 it was fantastic to see not a free seat as the first competitors came out to compete at noon. A tough set and alot of tired climbers from the day before meant that many struggled to get high on many of the blocs. It wasn't till near to the end, with the experienced competition climbers coming out, that the blocs started to get sent. Shauna Coxsey was the star of the Semi's, looking fresh and confident, as she sent all 4 women blocs to go into the Finals as top female.


The mild mannered Samuel el Grand Quezo going big in the Semi's. Ph. Liz Maher

An afternoon break with the Free BBQ in the Spring sunshine saw the crowd relaxing while the finalists eased their aching bodies anyway they could. The CWIF is one of the toughest competitions out there as it demands so much fitness, skill and strength to compete at such a high level over 2 days. A 30 bloc qualifier & a tough semi-final takes alot out of the most experienced and fit climber and getting something back is a skill in itself at this level. With only 3.5hrs to recover, some of the finalists reverted to finding a place to lay their head down for a power nap. For the crowd it was time to get stuck into some burgers and beer.

With 1 hour to go to the main event, we were astounded to find that most of the seats were already full and it was getting close to standing room only for those arriving even with plenty of time to spare. By 6pm there was no free space anywhere so any late comers were left with the big screen that we added this year (TDC Sheffield did this and the PA this year - a big thanks to them) internally which was showing the webcast to those who could not get a good view of the wall.

 Ned Feehally in Poo Corner. Finals, bloc #3. Ph. Liz Maher

 Tito Caleyron scoping out Mens #1. Ph. Liz Maher

The Final went down to the wire in the Mens with the Final problem 4 leaving three men in the running with a chance to win. First onto this bloc was Dave Barrans who knew if he climbed the bloc he would win. On his flash attempt he climbed smoothly to the final few moves which involved a struggle with a volume. After what seemed an age he fell while readjusting on this unconventional hold.

Tricky #3 bloc for the Mens. ph: Jen Randall www.jenrandall.co.uk

All Dave could do now was wait nervously as Ned Feehally made his way to the starting holds. Ned could replace Dave in first place if he did this bloc within 2 go's and it looked possible as he cruised his way to Dave's highpoint only to be defeated by the tricky sequence. His next attempt was strong until a deep drop knee flared up a recent knee injury which eventually stopped him in his tracks. It was left to Guillame Glarion-Mondet to steal the victory if he could send this final bloc. His second go saw him throwing for the final hold but just not far enough. You could feel the tension as he got on for a last go as his time ran down to zero. A tired last attempt saw him fall from below his highpoint and with that Dave Barrans knew he was the 2012 CWIF winner. In a couple of previous competitions Dave has finished in 2nd place, this weekend he climbed like a man on a mission and he thoroughly deserved his win.

Dave Barrans, CWIF champion 2012, enjoying the feeling of flashing Mens bloc #1. Ph. Outcrop Films

In the Female competition, we had the recent American ABS champion Alex Puccio going up against Shauna Coxsey (who had finished 3rd in the ABS) with strong competition from British team members Leah Crane and Mina Leslie-Wujastyk. 


The technical tricky start to Womens bloc #1. ph: Jen Randall www.jenrandall.co.uk


Bloc #1 was a technical slab with a dyno finish and as with any competition its the small things that matter. Alex & Shauna both threw for the final hold with a big swing to control as you caught the last hold. Shauna managed to stick it while Alex agonizingly held it for a moment before slipping off. 


 Shauna thinking 3D with the technical #1. Ph: Jen Randall www.jenrandall.co.uk


Gill Peet eyeing up the steep, powerful #2: ph: Jen Randall www.jenrandall.co.uk

 Alex Puccio on Womens #3. ph: Jen Randall www.jenrandall.co.uk


Bloc # 2 was more Alex's favoured style being steep and powerful and she cruised it with aplomb. Shauna also flashed it with the other ladies struggling with the massive undercut move at the start. Bloc 3 gave a chance for the ladies to show their dynoing skills. It was here that we saw one of the most starting bits of climbing with Alex catching the dyno one handed leaving both her and the crowd shaking their heads in disbelief. Shaua & Mina both sent but moving onto #4 it was all down to Alex & Shauna to see who would take the win. Alex struggled with a move on #4 failing to send the bloc which meant that by the time Shauna stepped under bloc 4 she knew she was the CWIF female champion for 2012. She crowned the win by showcasing her strength & skill by not just becoming the only female to complete #4  but also flashing it. 


Shauna Coxsey hanging out on the jug at the top of Bloc 4. A worthy CWIF Champion 2012


You can see the full Final results, with the complete breakdown of each problem, on our website here>>


Team Beastmaker with their £500 winnings from being the top scoring team from the qualifiers. Michele Caminati, Shauna Coxsey, Ned Feehally & Chris Parsons - strong group.

The Womens top 3: Leah Crane, Shauna Coxsey & Alex Puccio. Just like The CWIF itself, we also like to be different with our podiums


There are many thanks to be given out but a huge one has to go to the routesetters who did an amazing job and who also donated all their wages to our chosen charities: Macmillian Cancer Support & Edale Mountain Rescue. A big thank you to Scarpa & Berghaus who provided a massive amount of prizes that also helped raise alot of money (we currently think £3k+) for the Charities above. Our other sponsors, UKC, Holdz & King Kong & the Broadfield Hotel, who also helped make the CWIF alot more fun.

We'd also like to thank our staff who did an amazing job over the crazy two days and for all the competitors and crowd who came from all over the UK and beyond to take part in a memorable CWIF 2012

Short film from UKC:


11 Mar 2012 14:13 The CWIF: Semi-Final

On a beautiful sunny spring day we had over 200 people come and watch the Semi-Finals of the CWIF. Whittling down 20 Men & Women to 6 Finalists in only 4 blocs was never going to be easy and the competitors definitely found the blocs tough going.

In  the Mens the Frenchman GuillianeGlarion-Mondet looked like he was just warming up for the final with a number of impressive ascents. Dave Barrans cruised through bloc 1 after crusing through qualifiers yesterday but found the remaining blocs more of a challenge. In all we have 3 Brits, 2 French and 1 Aussie in the Finals.

In the Womens its a replay of the American ABS nationals with Shauna Coxsey & Alex Puccio going head to head in the Finals with Shauna qualifying 1st in the Semis. The top qualifier was Melanie Sandoz but in the Semis she looked tired and failed to make it through to the Finals. We have 4 Brits, 1 French and 1 American competing to be CWIF Female champion in 2012.

Mens Semi-Final results>>

Womens Semi-Finalist results>>

The Finals will be webcast at 6pm on www.thecwif.co.uk

If you're coming down, make sure to get here early for the best seats as it was very busy here for the Semis. We will have a big screen in the wall showing the finals. There are numerous raffles going on with tonnes of prizes and lots of goodies to be given away. We will also have beer on tap with all money going towards Macmillian Cancer Support & Edale Mtn Rescue Team. We're also just firing up the Barbie for some burgers in the sun


10 Mar 2012 18:22 The CWIF: Qualifying results

What a day!!! 300+ competitors over 2 sessions on 30 blocs. Big sends, spills and a few tantrums. We'll have more of the same tomorrow as the finals kick off at Noon. There's a FREE BBQ at 3pm and the Finals are on at 6pm (be here earlier if you want a good seat). You can watch the Semi's and Finals at www.thecwif.co.uk

Full Qualifying Male results:
Full Qualifying Female results:

If you have a 0 beside your name its because you didn't turn up or did not hand in your scorecard (naughty people!)

There's a short video from todays qualifying which you can view below:

We've had a prize today courtesy of Berghaus and the winners are below. 3 from each session. You can pick up your prizes tomorrow by making your name known to the staff at reception.

AM session
Winner of 1 x Arete Berghaus Rucsac is: Steve Yeoman
Winner of 1 x Ladies Berghaus Rucsac is: Jenny Brown
Winner of 1 x Psyche DVD is: Rachel Hoyland

PM session

Winner of 1 x Arete Berghaus Rucsac is: Simon Marshall
Winner of 1 x Ladies Berghaus Rucsac is: Naomi Tilley
Winner of 1 x Psyche DVD is: Andy Born


10 Mar 2012 14:45 The CWIF: Sat Morning Scores

We're now in the middle of the PM session and 150+ competitors are trying their hand at the CWIF circuit.

Andy Earl, A Geordie fan, wearing a Sunderland jersey for the weekend. All in aid of charity: Macmillian Cancer Support & Edale Mtn Rescue Team


This mornings AM session has come and gone and the general mood was..."these are a bit hard, aren't they?". Well, what did you expect? It's all in the scores which you can now view online below. All the blocs and their sends. It's an impressive pdf of data.

AM Male:
AM Female:

Out of 132 returned scorecards we had one equal score. Just one tie with 30blocs to score on. That's an impressive bit of routesetting. Out on top of the Men early on is Dave Barrans with a very impressive 291 out of 300. In the Female's it's Shauna Coxsey on 201 with Alex Puccio just 2 points behind.

 The excellent Fancy Dress outfit from Jo. Will it get out done in the PM session


Scarpa Boostic: Only 25 in the country and they're all here. Only for the weekend


9 Mar 2012 16:05 The CWIF: The Buildup is Over

It's a bit like your birthday or Christmas when you're young, that anticipation on the eve of the actual event. As a 5 year old, The Climbing Works is young but we are also very experienced. This year marks the 6th international festival that we've held and we're pretty sure this weekends will be the best yet.

The qualifying blocs have been set and we will be welcoming the first competitors tomorrow morning. For those wanting a little beta beforehand, we've had a chat and thought it would be alright to share some before the big day. We've gone for number 1 which you can view below.

If you want a bit more beta, check out Longy's hands after testing for 2 days.

Tape will be available in store all weekend.

You can view the full schedule for the weekend at www.thecwif.co.uk. You will also be able to watch the webcast of the Semi's & Finals on Sunday 11th March by visiting thecwif.co.uk. The semi's kick off at Noon.

For those that are here over the weekend we will be raising money for Macmillian Cancer Support & Edale Mtn Rescue Team. There is over £2k worth of raffle prizes and giveaways so a little bit of donation could go a long way for you. A massive thank you to Scarpa & Berghaus for the gifts.

On the Sunday there will also be a keg of Abbeydale brewery Moonshine Ale (kindly donated by the Broadfield Pub) with a Pint rewarded for a £1 minimum donation to the charity box.

If you are coming Sunday, the Woodseats road bridge will be shut all day so take alternative directions to the wall - Little London Road or down Woodseats. You can follow all the action on our Twitter @climbingworks or on our Facebook: Climbing Works and if you are coming down for the Final and want a seat..turn up before 6pm, well before 6. We will have our FREE BBQ from 3pm so a good reason to come on down.

Finally, a big thank you to the legendary team of routesetters. As you can see below, Percy thinks they've done a great job. 'Victory!' to the setters....

The CWIF Trailer:



8 Mar 2012 19:24 2 Days to go to The CWIF

This morning the whole team of routesetters (the Bish, Ginger Prince, Longy, Pickles, Taz & the Enigma) set to work on the Berghaus competition wall to set & test the Finals & Semi problems that will make up this years The CWIF. The team consists of 3 World-Cup routesetters plus 3 of the most experienced British setters around. All in all, not a bad team to have setting.

 Hidden behind these walls are blocs to make grown Men & Women cry

Some of the strange holds ready to be used at The CWIF

Tomorrow they will set the 30 blocs that make up the qualifying session. If you have registered you should have received an email regarding Saturday. You can find all the information re: registration, session times and more at thecwif.co.uk

If you need to pay your entrance fee to take part (i.e. you are not a full or prepaid member of the Works) then you can now do that online to save some time on Saturday. If you are going to pay on the morning then please bring cash as it will be much quicker than waiting for the card machine to be free.

As we're expecting a lot of people from all over the country we would encourage locals to walk or bike down if you can. We will have more car parking than normal in here but please be considerate if you have to park outside Centenary Works on the surrounding roads. There is plenty of spaces further down Little London rd.

So what to expect on the day?? Well, obviously some amazing blocs to test yourself on, a friendly atmosphere and your chance to win of over 2k of prizes donated by Berghaus & Scarpa. We'll be raising money for Macmillian Cancer Support & the Edale Mtn Rescue Team and we'll be asking you to dig deep to help these fantastic charities. You'll have a chance to win Tees, Shoes, Rucsacs, Wine, Trips away and much much more. There will also be a little bit of our usual, infamous, giveaways over the weekend.

Looking forward to seeing you here.


6 Mar 2012 20:46 The CWIF Buildup Continues

It's been a busy day at The Climbing Works. We had a delivery of new holds for Saturday's CWIF, local company TDC have been in setting up the PA system for Sunday, we've had some work done on the mats from the guys at Holdz, we've received a number of goodies from Scarpa and we've had a news story on UKClimbing. All in all, it's coming along nicely for this weekends CWIF.

We've got the up to date list of competitors now available to view. If you have entered we would encourage you to check your details (am/pm session, team name if applicable) and let us know if anything needs changed.
We still have had a lot of people contacting us wanting to enter but we have to be very strict on places. If you have registered and are not now coming for whatever reason PLEASE let us know ASAP. If you simply do not show up on Saturday without letting us know, we will not accept your registration for next years CWIF. We don't want people to miss out because others couldn't be bothered to contact us.

You can find out the full schedule for the weekend on our CWIF page on our website.

If you are coming and are wondering what to expect then you should check out the CWIF highlights from 2011. There's 2 films below that really capture what the weekend is all about.

Outcrop Films highlights


MinusTen Productions highlights film


Show page of entries from