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26 Jan 2012 10:53 Blue Thursday

Lots going on at The Climbing Works today with a new Blue circuit and the return of the FREE Clinic physio sessions tonight from 7.45pm. We've also drawn the prize winners from R3 of the Evolv Winter Bouldering League, so read below to see if you're one of the lucky winners.

The new Blue circuit is currently being set and will be finished off tomorrow giving you a new circuit for the weekend (latest topo with new blacks available here). There is a bit of a change going on though as you may have noticed that the Yellows also came down at the start of the week. Always willing to mix things up, we've decided to make the Blues* the new top end circuit. The Yellows will go up next week and fill the place of the old Blues circuit grade wise. Hopefully not too confusing for you all...
*(The Enigma is in a bit of a quiet mood this morning and has gone to set on the Masters Wall. We might as well get the apologies out of the way now - expect some thin, hard, blocs from him).

If you need a little psyche to get you motivated to climb the new blocs, check out the new trailer for bouldering film Life On Hold (sponsored by The Climbing Works). We'll be having an exciting announcement about the film in the next few weeks so keep an eye on the blog / twitter / facebook for more information.

Below are the prize winners from Round 3 of the Evolv Winter Bouldering League (results here). All the winners are selected randomly from the returned scorecards. No matter what you score, hand in your card for a chance to win some Evolv goodies:

1 x Pair of Evolv Shoes: Kiyanouche Jash
1 x Evolv Hoody: Alex Hall
1 x Evolv T-Shirt: Holly Murray
1 x Evolv Chalk-bag: Lee Parkour
1 x Evolv Chalk-bag: Lex Wilkinson

You can claim your prize from reception. Remember the final round is on Friday, Feb 17th and the overall winners will be scored from their top 3 rounds from the series. We'll also have a highlights film out for R3 in the next 2 weeks.

While we're talking about Evolv, we'll be having an Evolv boot demo with grit god and all-round good guy, Ben Bransby, next Tuesday night at The Climbing Works. This is a fantastic opportunity to put some time into finding that perfect new shoe to take your boudering to the next level.


11 Jan 2012 14:43 Evolv Bouldering League R2 Highlights & R3 This Friday

Just another busy week at The Climbing Works.

This Friday see's R3 of the Evolv Winter Bouldering League with a whole new set of 25 blocs for you to test yourself on. There will be the normal Male & Female cash blocs (£250 up for grabs) and we'll have an Evolv prize draw for everyone who hands in their scorecards. The prize draw winners from R2 is at the bottom of this blog.

If you're wondering what you're getting yourself into, check out the highlights film from R2 below. Held just before Christmas, R2 was a great evening and produced some fantastic climbing, and falls, from the competitors.


You can see the full list of scores from round 2 and the overall results from the first 2 rounds on the website. Below are the lucky prize winners from the 2nd round. Remember all you have to do is hand in your scorecard at the end of the competition to be in for a chance of winning a prize from Evolv.

1 Pair of Evolv shoes: Adrian Samarra
Evolv Hoody: Natasha Smile V
Evolv T-Shirt: Matt Bird
Chalkbag #1: Nicola Taylor
Chalkbag #2: Joe Bond

To claim your prize, just ask at reception and they will get it for you.


5 Jan 2012 16:02 Winter Bouldering League: R3

Next week is round 3 of the Evolv Winter bouldering league. With the festive season now behind us this is a perfect time to get the arms firing again. In between now and next weeks Round 3 set we are going to strip the Berghaus Competition wall for a small reset. This means that tonight is your last chance to climb on this set of problems.
The new set will have a number of blocs put on it for British Team training which takes place this Saturday at The Climbing Works (whole wall is open as normal). These will stay up till next Thursday when the wall will be stripped again for the bouldering league. If you like the Berghaus competition wall, this is a great time to get on it.

If you're not a fan of the Berghaus comp wall  then you'll be glad to know that we have fully reset the newly built wall with a number of  blocs across the whole grade range. Plenty new to do for everyone, no matter what grade you climb.

Finally, over the busy Christmas period we forgot to post online the scores from Round 2 of the Evolv Winter bouldering league. You can now find the R2 results and total scores from R1 and R2 on the website here.


3 Jan 2012 15:27 New Year, New Wall, New Blocs

The new wall has been painted and partially reset so you can now start 2012 with a change at The Climbing Works.

We're back to our normal opening hours: Noon to 10pm and for those driving here, the bridge at the bottom of Woodseats road is still closed.

A Happy New Year from all at The Climbing Works. Now get away from those chocolates and get climbing!


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