Evolv Bouldering League R1 Review

15 Nov 2011 10:54

R1 did not disappoint in providing 'entertainment' for those competing and those watching. The Mens cash problem initially provided a lot of head scratching, then alot of laughs and finally a lot of encouragement as a number of people went oh so close to finishing it. In the end it was 2 Men & 1 Women (Chris Webb Parsons, Adam Bailes & Alex Puccio) that completed it taking home a share of the cash prize.

Photos from the Mens cash problem c. dr-photography.co.uk



Over on the Women's problem a 7b volume only smear fest scared most that went near it. After some impressive falls and a few bruised shins, both Alex & Leah Crane came away with a split of the winnings.

While all this was going on a few of the men were racking up some good scores with only 9 points separating the top 5 places but they were well outshone by the impressive exploits of the junior Nathan Philips who out scored the top man by 40 points!

You can see a selection of photos from Round 1 on our Picasa page and see the full results from Round 1 on our website here. We'll also have a highlights film in the next few weeks.

The Berghaus Competition Wall now has the full 25 blocs from R1 (excluding the start of the Mens cash problem - see photos to see why) + another 6 that Percy set yesterday.

We'll announce the winners of the Evolv prize draw tomorrow so keep an eye on the blog to see if you won a prize for handing in your score card. Round 2 will be on Friday 16th December.