7 Nov 2011 08:38

Last week we set no new boulder problems. None. Not a single one. We just chilled out and did nothing (not really, but we did stuff other than setting for a change.)

How lazy of us.... or so I though until I sat down to look at the setting rota for the next few months and tried to work out whats due to be changed next, and I noticed the following 'interesting' statistics.

Last year we set 1299 problems - that's a tad over 108 new blocs for you to try every month.
This year, so far we have set 1539 problems (128 a month) and its only November, so we're probably on course to set over 1800 problems in 2011. Thats 150 new problems a month.

I'm not sure, and I'm not one to exagerate (yeah, right!), but I don't reckon there is another bouldering wall on the planet that changes its problems as often as we do.

So here's a big thank you to all of our excellent team of routesetters who have had to cope with Percy's excitable temperament and perectionist streak in order to bring you some of the best plastic problems in the World - Fatty Matty, The Enigma, Mr Whittaker, Christopher Webb-Nicholas-Parsons, Monsieur Godoffe, Yann Genoux, Longy, Weasel, Taz, Manly Jason Pickles, Mini Cheese, Claire Youdale, Nikki Dormmans, the Pooch, and anybody else I've forgotten.

Speaking of routesetting, its back to the grind this week with the first round of our Evolve winter bouldering league this Friday. Kick off will be at 6pm as normal. You've tried the rest, now come along to the best. As usual we'll have 2 £125 cash prizes for the mens and womens special problems, but get ready. I've had an idea for something really special.....!