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29 Nov 2011 11:01 The Climbing Works Turns 5

5 years ago this Saturday, 3 Cheeses (and a lot of others) put the finishing touches to the biggest bouldering facility in the world. Only the second of its kind in the UK, it was a foray into the unknown. With the opening day set for the 3rd December 2006, the trois fromage's nervously waited to see who would turn up and see how a bouldering only wall would fit into the Sheffield climbing scene. Well actually it was only 2 of The Cheeses that waited anxiously as Percy was setting for the Dutch nationals on our opening day - typical Percy, slacking off when he was most needed.

5 years later there are now over 20 bouldering walls in the UK and The Climbing Works goes from strength to strength. Since that opening day we have set 1000's of blocs (nearly 2000 in 2011 alone) and have continually changed the walls surfaces - we've made a dozen or so structural changes to the wall including a complete rebuild of the Berghaus Competition Wall earlier this year.

We will celebrate our 5th birthday in style with a massive party at Club Forward in Sheffield on Friday 9th December. It's arguable whether we are still the biggest but we are certain we are still the best, many have copied us but The Climbing Works stays one step ahead...even with its parties. Tickets are available from reception and are FREE to customers. We've already given away around 250 tickets so if you need to get one DO NOT hang around until the last minute.

Getting back to normal business. The pink circuit came down yesterday and there will be a new one by Thursday evening. Just another new 40 bloc circuit for you to try ; )


21 Nov 2011 10:15 Evolv R1 Prize Winners & New Cirucits

As sponsors of The Climbing Works Winter Bouldering League, Evolv have kindly donated a number of prizes for each round. Last week we picked some winners from the scorecards handed in after Round 1 so read below to see if, and what, you have won:

1 Pair of Evolv shoes: Adam Lindley
Evolv Hoody: James Morwood
Evolv T-Shirt: Lee Ward
Chalkbag #1: Will Roscoe
Chalkbag #2: Mijas Alexandria

If you're a winner from above, get in touch by email (info@climbingworks.com) and we'll arrange for you to claim your prize. We'll be doing the prize draw after every round so just remember to hand in your score card at the end of the night. The next round will be on Friday 16th December. You can view the scores from round 1 here and see a selection of photos on our Picasa page.

Keeping on the theme of competitions, on Saturday 10th December, The Climbing Works will be hosting Round 2 of the Northern Indoor Bouldering League. You can read all about it here on our website.

As it is Monday morning we're currently stripping a circuit, actually this week we're stripping 2 circuits to be exact. Down comes the Purple & Pink spots and the Green & Pink spots to be replace by 2 new circuits by the end of the week. Last week we set a 42 bloc Wasp circuit in the Font 6b-7a range that should keep most people entertained over the coming weeks. You can see an up to date circuit topo & Berghaus competition wall topo on our website here.

Just in case you haven't heard we'll be celebrating our 5th birthday in style on Friday 9th December at Club Forward in Sheffield city centre. Tickets are FREE and available from reception now. It will be one massive night. Come and help us in celebrating 5 years of The Climbing Works.


15 Nov 2011 10:54 Evolv Bouldering League R1 Review

R1 did not disappoint in providing 'entertainment' for those competing and those watching. The Mens cash problem initially provided a lot of head scratching, then alot of laughs and finally a lot of encouragement as a number of people went oh so close to finishing it. In the end it was 2 Men & 1 Women (Chris Webb Parsons, Adam Bailes & Alex Puccio) that completed it taking home a share of the cash prize.

Photos from the Mens cash problem c. dr-photography.co.uk



Over on the Women's problem a 7b volume only smear fest scared most that went near it. After some impressive falls and a few bruised shins, both Alex & Leah Crane came away with a split of the winnings.

While all this was going on a few of the men were racking up some good scores with only 9 points separating the top 5 places but they were well outshone by the impressive exploits of the junior Nathan Philips who out scored the top man by 40 points!

You can see a selection of photos from Round 1 on our Picasa page and see the full results from Round 1 on our website here. We'll also have a highlights film in the next few weeks.

The Berghaus Competition Wall now has the full 25 blocs from R1 (excluding the start of the Mens cash problem - see photos to see why) + another 6 that Percy set yesterday.

We'll announce the winners of the Evolv prize draw tomorrow so keep an eye on the blog to see if you won a prize for handing in your score card. Round 2 will be on Friday 16th December.


12 Nov 2011 Bouldering League 2011 - Round 1 Results

Round 1 of the 2011 Bouldering League kicked off at 6pm last night and the comp wall was busy with climbers testing themselves against twenty-five weird and wonderful problems - including perhaps Percy's most "special" problem. 74 scorecards were handed in at the end of the night, and the results for this first round can be seen here.

Stay tuned for competition photos and videos. Round 2 takes place on Friday 16th December

11 Nov 2011 12:02 Swing Swing

Tonight is the first round of the Evolv Winter Bouldering League and we've got a belter lined up for you. There's a very special one-off bloc that has been set for tonight only. You will not have the chance to do it at any other time as it is as stupid as it is brilliant. Sam thinks it may just be the best problem ever set in The Climbing Works and that is saying something. You can gain some beta from the blog yesterday, add that with the picture below and you may start getting an idea of what to expect.

Tonight we'll also be having a range of Evolv t-shirts and hoodies for sale with 10% off the RRP during tonights event. Evolv have also kindly donated some prizes which will be drawn from those who hand in their scorecards after the competition. Prizes include a pair of shoes, chalkbags and some clothing. Make sure you write your name and membership no. on your scorecard before handing it in.

The comp starts at 6pm and will last till 10pm. Get down early as we're expecting it to be quite busy. £2 for a scorecard and you WILL have to have one if you're taking part in the competition.



10 Nov 2011 19:13 Gravity.....

Gravity is a cruel mistress, as visitors coming for our winter bouldering league tomorrow will undoubtedly find out...! However, Gravity is also the name of the newest and best climbing wall in Ireland, and the side project that Graeme and Percy have been working on over the last year. Well, last night Gravity finally opened, and the first bit of feedback I have received was so nice I thought I might share it with you all. The video at the bottom of the Bouldering Ireland blog shows the true size and scale of the wall (don't worry, I think it might just be a tiny bit smaller than The Works, but only just!) Click THIS to read all about it along with some nice pictures, etc, and many thanks to Dave Flanagan for his kind words and nice blog.


10 Nov 2011 11:58 Evolv Winter Bouldering League R1

The clocks have changed, the leaves are falling and it's dark at 5pm. All these things mean the onset of the indoor climbing season and with it the return of The (5th) Climbing Works Winter Bouldering League supported by Evolv.

The Berghaus Competition Wall has been stripped this morning and the boys are working on setting the 25 problems that will make up this Friday's Round 1. This year we will have once again 2 x £125 cash problems for each round, one for both Men & Women. With support from Evolv we will also be offering spot prizes to those that hand in their score cards at the end of the night. Prizes include a pair of shoes, chalk bags, Evolv Hoodies & Tees. The winners of which we will announce next week on this blog. As its Round 1, and we like to be nice, we'll be handing out some liquid refreshment when you hand in your score card.

Also, as it is the 1st round and Percy has not set a comp in a while, he has decided to do something 'different' for one of the problems. As he is currently setting it I don't want to give much away but looking at the picture below, you may be able to figure out some pre-comp beta....not that this will help in any way of course.

Insanity? Probably. Stupid? Definitely. Fun? Yep!

The competition will start at 6pm and will run until 10pm. You need to purchase a scorecard at the front reception desk for £2 to enter. Only competitors will be allowed on the Berghaus wall and if you don't have a scorecard you will have to come back and try the blocs on Saturday. Find out all the info on our website

7 Nov 2011 08:38 Laziness

Last week we set no new boulder problems. None. Not a single one. We just chilled out and did nothing (not really, but we did stuff other than setting for a change.)

How lazy of us.... or so I though until I sat down to look at the setting rota for the next few months and tried to work out whats due to be changed next, and I noticed the following 'interesting' statistics.

Last year we set 1299 problems - that's a tad over 108 new blocs for you to try every month.
This year, so far we have set 1539 problems (128 a month) and its only November, so we're probably on course to set over 1800 problems in 2011. Thats 150 new problems a month.

I'm not sure, and I'm not one to exagerate (yeah, right!), but I don't reckon there is another bouldering wall on the planet that changes its problems as often as we do.

So here's a big thank you to all of our excellent team of routesetters who have had to cope with Percy's excitable temperament and perectionist streak in order to bring you some of the best plastic problems in the World - Fatty Matty, The Enigma, Mr Whittaker, Christopher Webb-Nicholas-Parsons, Monsieur Godoffe, Yann Genoux, Longy, Weasel, Taz, Manly Jason Pickles, Mini Cheese, Claire Youdale, Nikki Dormmans, the Pooch, and anybody else I've forgotten.

Speaking of routesetting, its back to the grind this week with the first round of our Evolve winter bouldering league this Friday. Kick off will be at 6pm as normal. You've tried the rest, now come along to the best. As usual we'll have 2 £125 cash prizes for the mens and womens special problems, but get ready. I've had an idea for something really special.....!


6 Nov 2011 19:07 You think you can campus?

There's a guy in Germany* who can still kick your butt.... Check this out!


Cheers to Gabri for finding this - those long nights trawling t'internet have finally paid off...!

*Update!! After an email we've found out that the guy is not from Germany, he's from Italy. It's Tazio "The Italian Butterfly"....supposedly. That's one hell of a butterfly ; )

5 Nov 2011 19:48 We're on telly!

I'm not sure if many of our customers were watching CBBC on BBC2 this morning for the 'I want my own Room' make-over programme for kids, but if for some reason you missed it, click HERE. The Works is featured from about 7 minutes and 25 seconds if you don't want to watch it all. The guys filmed a load of stuff around the centre, so you might have been captured on camera doing a bit of climbing (or loitering about...). Not sure what the curly-haired chancer is on about though.....


And if anybody was wondering how Gravity was going (the Irish climbing wall that Graeme and Percy are involved in), rumour has it that the door might be open by the end of the coming week. It's looking pretty damn good, even if I do say so myself!



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