A Security Notice

20 Oct 2011 15:21

Yesterday we had something happen for the very first time. A theft from The Climbing Works. We've been open nearly 5 years and we've never before had a confirmed theft in here. Yesterday somebody came in, went through some peoples bags, and left with 2 phones. The Climbing Works is deeply unhappy with this and really hope it was someone who managed to avoid our reception staff and not a member (or guest). If we find anyone stealing in The Climbing Works we will bring the full force of the law to bear and make sure that person finds themselves very much in the s##t.

We try to hard to provide a safe, comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Sometimes this can be disrupted by external forces. We'll try and re-balance this by coming up with some more security options for our customers. In the meantime if you have anything valuable please use one of our lockers that are free to use. Even better  leave it at home or in your car.

We want to bring this to the attention of our customers because it is not fun when personal things get stolen. We, as a business, like to be nice. If we find someone stealing, we will not be nice.