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31 Aug 2011 12:33 The Reel Rock Tour 2011

The superb Reel Rock Tour returns to The Climbing Works on Sunday 3rd October 2011. For alot less than a night at the normal cinema you'll get some of the most amazing climbing footage of the last 12 months.

This is our 3rd year hosting the event (and the 6th overall Reel Rock Tour) and every time it gets ever more impressive. In 2010 we sold out on the night with a big crowd enjoying the brilliant collection of climbing films and The Climbing Works own special raffle.

For this, the sixth annual film tour, co-founders Sender Films and Big UP Productions are back taking audiences to the edge of what’s possible. From climbing the world’s most difficult frozen falls, to the hardest big wall free climb and crazed highline antics, these heart pounding tales of superhuman skills will leave audiences open mouthed and wanting more. In 2010, Reel Rock was screened in over 200 locations world-wide, drew over 55,000 audience members, raised money for good causes and won critical acclaim.

You can find out more about the Reel Rock films and purchase tickets online by going to our website. You can also purchase tickets at The Climbing Works reception desk from today. We're making more seats available this year but get your tickets early to avoid any disappointment.


23 Aug 2011 14:22 Thornbridge Outdoor TOPS weekend

A little bit of information from Thornbridge Outdoors:

On Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September 2011 Thornbridge Outdoors is running a weekend of courses and workshops called the Thornbridge Outdoors Peak Skills (TOPS) weekend at our main centre near Bakewell in the Peak District.

The event has been designed for both those who work in the outdoors and those who do outdoor activities in their free time to have the opportunity to undertake a range of training in a single weekend.

The following workshops/courses are available:

  • BMC FUNdamentals of Climbing 1 with Ian Dunne
  • BMC FUNdamentals of Climbing 2 with Ian Dunne
  • ‘The Environment’ for Outdoor Leaders with Jim Langley
  • Climbing and Crag Photography with Alex Ekins
  • Outdoor Photography with Alex Ekins
  • ‘Turbo SPA’ with Peak Mountain Training
  • Leave No Trace with Sara Turner
  • ‘Lumps, Bumps & Overused Needles’ - Coaching Navigation with Peak Mountain Training
  • ‘Outdoor activities for people with disabilities’ with Phil Booth of Dukes Barn
  • ITC Outdoor First Aid
  • MLTE Single Pitch Award training
  • MLTE Single Pitch Award assessment


For more details about the courses/workshops, including booking forms please go to www.topsweekend.co.uk.
Places on the courses/workshops are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Some of the workshops are suitable for members of the MLTA, AMI and BAIML to accrue CPD credits.

Bed and breakfast accommodation is available on both Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd September in the shared bedrooms in our self-catering units.

If you only wish to attend a workshop on one of the two days why not make a weekend of it and go walking, climbing, biking or caving here on the other day?

Accommodation is also available for accompanying friends and family, whether they are attending a course or workshop or not – enabling lift sharing.

Hopefully most questions can be answered by visiting www.topsweekend.co.uk, but if you have any further questions please email topsweekend@thornbridgeoutdoors.co.uk or call 01629 640491.


8 Aug 2011 Yorkshire Emergency Services Bouldering Competition (Y.E.S Comp)

Some of you may have already seen our information about the friendly bouldering competition the YAS (Yorkshire Ambulance Services) are organising at The Climbing Works. This is open to all emergency services and NHS staff in Yorkshire but in case you missed it here are a few details for you!

The event is all about having fun and enjoying some friendly competition, however behind this there is a more serious reason which is to raise money for a community Automated External Defibrillator (AED).


In February this year one of our team wound up in hospital after collasping in the centre. There was nothing out of the ordinary that day, it was a typical busy Sunday afternoon and while trying really hard to complete one of Sam's tricky roof problems, they collasped and stopped breathing. Luckily one of our Manager's friends is a junior doctor and he rushed to the rescue and started CPR.

In hospital the cardiac team diagnosed a rare but serious heart syndrome that can cause Arrhythmias, which are irregular rhythms that can causes sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

Here are some scary figures about SCA:

  • Associated syndromes kill 250 people in Britain each day

  • They can happen to anyone regardless of age or fitness as it’s caused by interference of electro signals from the brain to the heart, not from heart disease.

  • If someone suffers SCA due to an arrhythmia they only have a 5% chance of surviving the event out of hospital as shock is the only method to reset the hearts rhythm.

Due to some amazing technology, our little lady has been fitted with an Internal Defibrillator monitoring her heart rythm. In the event of another attack this will step in where our on hand George Clooney did that Sunday afternoon to restore regular heart rythm. Suffers of SCA can have their chances of survival dramatically increased if there is an AED on hand as survival is decreasing by 10% every minute they are waiting for paramedics.


Climbing Works member and local paramedic Jim Walmsley supplied some information about community AED, this is a defibrillator device that is accessible for anyone in the community, the device is automated giving instructions to anyone using it (so no training necessary), it is also very sophisticated and will monitor the patient’s statistics only supplying a shock if required.


With climbing walls, gymnastics clubs, martial arts and many businesses around the Little London Road area a community AED would be a really beneficial piece of first aid and could potentially be the difference between a near miss and a serious situation.


The cost of the AED and security box will coast around £1,200. To help raise a bit of money towards this The Climbing Works will be putting all entrance fees from the competition towards buying an AED, we will also have a collection bucket on the night for spectators to donate.

If you are part of an emergency service and would like to submit a team please email michelle@climbingworks.com or call 0114 250 990


2 Aug 2011 15:24 The Return of the Scarpa Stix

The Scarpa Stix was a well received addition to the Scarpa climbing range a few years ago. A technical slipper it quickly gained fans from some of the UK's leading climbers (Dave MacLeod review on Rock&Run & UKClimbing review) and was a firm favourite in The Climbing Works with customers, staff and the Cheeses (Percy & Sam loved them).

A technical slipper though is a hard sell to the vast majority of climbers and  UK shops so after a few years the Scarpa Stix disappeared from the these shores. This just happened to be at that point where it was starting to get a loyal following.

Well, after a year or so of chatting to Scarpa we've managed to get ourselves a pallet load of Stix for our shop because we think they're one of the best technical shoes around.

These beauties are now back in stock online and instore and a great choice for climbing at The Climbing Works and outdoors. They're stiff enough to stand on very small edges, the addition of XSGrip 2 makes them even stickier when clawing at holds on overhangs and the slipper fit makes it perfect for getting on and off when bouldering. At £85 they're also one of the cheapest high end technical shoe you will find on the market.

Read more about them at The Climbing Works shop>>


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