Berghaus Competition Wall Reset

21 Jul 2011 12:39

Percy, The Enigma & UF are currently resetting the Berghaus Competition wall today. There will be enough on there for everyone to have a play at tonight with more problems going up tomorrow. 


As you can see above there are some interesting new volumes going up on the wall. Those who were at Cliffhanger will recognise them from the Finals. Now you get the chance to feel just had bad those slopers were on Mens #2 bloc (and then remember they on a 30 degree wall and not just a flat one).

If you weren't at Cliffhanger, or maybe not even sure what the event is, check out the video below which is an overview of the whole weekend (you can even see some of the above volumes in it too).

You can also see the above volumes in the offical video report of the Sheffield round of the Bouldering World Cup:

We've had a busy couple of weeks with new circuits going up, changes in colours and grades and the arrival of new holds. To make some sense of it you can view the latest up to date circuit topo online here>>