Our Biggest Fan(s)

5 Jul 2011 12:21

It's Summer, it's hot and humid, climbing indoors is sometimes not the most pleasant of experiences but you need your fix so you head indoors and watch your body sweat and skin fall apart. Not nice is it.

If you've been to the Works in the last week you may have noticed some rather large new additions to the interior walls. If you haven't noticed them, you certainly will next time you come in. As you can see from the photos below we've installed 2 rather large new fans into the center.

These have now been wired up and been turned on and have already made a noticeable difference to the temperature in the centre. They are designed to create an airflow within The Climbing Works and so keep the humidity down and your psyche levels up. They are also not very noisy so after about 5mins they'll just disappear into the background noise.

Since the New Year we've built a new Berghaus Competition Wall, held one of the biggest climbing festivals in the UK, set over 900 problems, put down new carpets, bought new holds, sponsored Cliffhanger festival (to a tune of 10k) and installed 2 new fans to help you stay comfortable in this warm Summer spell. This is where your extra 50p (minus VAT) entrance fee has gone towards. We'll endeavour to keep providing you the best possible climbing wall for you to enjoy.