Weekly Updates - July 2011

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21 Jul 2011 12:39 Berghaus Competition Wall Reset

Percy, The Enigma & UF are currently resetting the Berghaus Competition wall today. There will be enough on there for everyone to have a play at tonight with more problems going up tomorrow. 


As you can see above there are some interesting new volumes going up on the wall. Those who were at Cliffhanger will recognise them from the Finals. Now you get the chance to feel just had bad those slopers were on Mens #2 bloc (and then remember they on a 30 degree wall and not just a flat one).

If you weren't at Cliffhanger, or maybe not even sure what the event is, check out the video below which is an overview of the whole weekend (you can even see some of the above volumes in it too).

You can also see the above volumes in the offical video report of the Sheffield round of the Bouldering World Cup:

We've had a busy couple of weeks with new circuits going up, changes in colours and grades and the arrival of new holds. To make some sense of it you can view the latest up to date circuit topo online here>>


19 Jul 2011 13:21 Another New Delivery

The Climbing Works has received yet another delivery this week and this one will hopefully make cyclists very happy.

There is now another reason for you to hop on your bike and cycle to The Climbing Works, not only do you enjoy a FREE cup of tea or coffee for your efforts and peace of mind that you are helping to save the environment but now you have a brand new bike rack.

Thanks to JB our resident French man, we now have more secure storage spaces for all your unicycles, tandems and penny farthings.

Resident French work experience lad JB fitting the bike racks

If you left anything on the old rack (locks / bikes) then you can collect it from reception





14 Jul 2011 11:26 Out with the Old, In with the Blue

A new delivery this week has led to a slight change of plans to our setting of circuits this week. It will also lead to a change in colour / grading for 2 of our most popular circuits.

The delivery of a new set of blue holds from Axis has Percy & UF smiling (yes, Percy does smile occasionally) as they create 'interesting' blocs with this new range. This circuit will replace the old red circuit in the grade range of Font 6b-7a. To confuse you even more, next week the reds will go back up...but as an easy circuit.

a lot of blue

What this also means is that the planned Berghaus Comp Wall change will be delayed for a week so giving you a little more time to send your projects.

Everyone confused? Excellent. Push on.


9 Jul 2011 11:00 Yorkshire Emergency Services Bouldering Competition (Y.E.S Comp)

Some of you may have already seen our information about the friendly bouldering competition the YAS (Yorkshire Ambulance Services) are organising at The Climbing Works. This is open to all emergency services and NHS staff in Yorkshire but in case you missed it here are a few details for you!

The event is all about having fun and enjoying some friendly competition, however behind this there is a more serious reason which is to raise money for a community Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

In February this year one of our team wound up in hospital after collasping in the centre. There was nothing out of the ordinary that day, it was a typical busy Sunday afternoon and while trying really hard to complete one of Sam's tricky roof problems, they collasped and stopped breathing. Luckily one of our Manager's friends is a junior doctor and he rushed to the rescue and started CPR.

In hospital the cardiac team diagnosed a rare but serious heart syndrome that can cause Arrhythmias, which are irregular rhythms that can causes sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

Here are some scary figures about SCA:
  • Associated syndromes kill 250 people in Britain each day
  • They can happen toanyone regardless of age or fitness as it’s caused by interference of electro signals from the brain to the heart, not from heart disease.
  • If someone suffers SCA due to an arrhythmia they only have a 5% chance of surviving the event out of hospital as shock is the only method to reset the hearts rhythm.

Due to some amazing technology, our little lady has been fitted with an Internal Defibrillator monitoring her heart rythm. In the event of another attack this will step in where our on hand George Clooney did that Sunday afternoon to restore regular heart rythm. Suffers of SCA can have their chances of survival dramatically increased if there is an AED on hand as survival is decreasing by 10% every minute they are waiting for paramedics.

Climbing Works member and local paramedic Jim Wansley supplied some information about community AED, this is a defibrillator device that is accessible for anyone in the community, the device is automated giving instructions to anyone using it (so no training necessary), it is also very sophisticated and will monitor the patient’s statistics only supplying a shock if required.

With climbing walls, gymnastics clubs, martial arts and many businesses around the Little London Road area a community AED would be a really beneficial piece of first aid and could potentially be the difference between a near miss and a serious situation.

The cost of the AED and security box will coast around £1,200. To help raise a bit of money towards this The Climbing Works will be putting all entrance fees from the competition towards buying an AED, we will also have a collection bucket on the night for spectators to donate.

If you are part of an emergency service and would like to submit a team please email michelle@climbingworks.com or call 0114 250 990

5 Jul 2011 12:21 Our Biggest Fan(s)

It's Summer, it's hot and humid, climbing indoors is sometimes not the most pleasant of experiences but you need your fix so you head indoors and watch your body sweat and skin fall apart. Not nice is it.

If you've been to the Works in the last week you may have noticed some rather large new additions to the interior walls. If you haven't noticed them, you certainly will next time you come in. As you can see from the photos below we've installed 2 rather large new fans into the center.

These have now been wired up and been turned on and have already made a noticeable difference to the temperature in the centre. They are designed to create an airflow within The Climbing Works and so keep the humidity down and your psyche levels up. They are also not very noisy so after about 5mins they'll just disappear into the background noise.

Since the New Year we've built a new Berghaus Competition Wall, held one of the biggest climbing festivals in the UK, set over 900 problems, put down new carpets, bought new holds, sponsored Cliffhanger festival (to a tune of 10k) and installed 2 new fans to help you stay comfortable in this warm Summer spell. This is where your extra 50p (minus VAT) entrance fee has gone towards. We'll endeavour to keep providing you the best possible climbing wall for you to enjoy.


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