11 May 2011 20:38

The last couple of weeks have been all about routesetting for me........ Actually, my whole working life has been about routesetting, but recently its been more on my mind than usual. Last week I was in Slovenia working as Chief routesetter for the IFSC bouldering world cup in Log Dragomer. It was a very cool competition, and I had a great team of guys helping me to set some proper filth. Your Honour, I give you exhibit A (a film from Udo Neumann)

Watch out for the spectacular fall around the 4 minute mark that really enforces the fact that bouldering is a dangerous sport!o) (She was fine, and got back up for another go, by the way!)

This week though, I'm working with Mr Long teaching a bunch of reprobates how to set for competitions for the BMC National Routesetters course - bouldering with me at the Works, and Lead climbing with Mr Long at some place called The Foundry. Never heard of it.

Next week, I might get down off my high horse and actually do a bit setting for everybody at The Works to enjoy instead, you never know.......