Cheeses on Tour

8 May 2011 14:35

Percy has been giving the Boulder World Cup competitors in Slovenia a right good seeing to but they had a few surprises up their sleeves that left even Percy flabbergasted for once.

In the women's semi Percy's blushes were spared by Anna Stohr who realised that not even Percy would put 2 massive volumes on for no reason at all - the rest of the women had tried to avoid the volumes with a massive horizontal dyno.

In the men's semi the 1st problem involved a relativelyy simple hand traverse on wooden volumes. The climbers couldn't work it out so instead lots of them decided on a ridiculous sideways dyno that even after CWIF hero Jernej Kruder had succeeded in holding the dyno Percy still said it wasn't possible.

Graeme has been busy ensuring that everything runs smoothly, an easy job in Slovenia where the organisers have World Cups evry year for the last 15. So I have had to satisfy myself with getting in the way of the cameras - apparently my backside has been obscuring the view - something I find hard to believe as I am not exactly known for being over-weight. The finals will be stating in a couple of hours, it's chucking down at the moment but the boulders and the audience are dry thanks to the enormous tent.

Stew Watson was oh so close to getting into the final, just failing to campus to the finishing 'jug' on problem 3. Twice!!!! Gutted for him. But 9th is still a great result.