Going On's

5 May 2011 12:37

The long Easter holidays have come and gone and for most its back to the grindstone of work and play. At the works we try to combine the two as much as possible, while the whole idea of public holidays mean little in here (got to stay open to give you lot something to do when you're off work). This all means that if you've not been down much in the last few weeks there is alot to go at.

How much you say? Well in the last month we've set 217 new problems!!! That's a new Purple/Pink spots, Green, Blues, Reds (on new holds) circuits, plus a new Berghaus Comp Wall set and going up today, a whole new Green Spotty circuit. That is alot of problems!!


Not content with all that, this weekend is your last chance to climb this Berghaus Comp Wall set (which has only been up for 3 weeks) as they are all disappearing on Tuesday due to a BMC routesetters course being held at The Climbing Works next week. Also on the Berghaus Comp wall at the moment  is a traverse of the whole wall that comes in at a heady F8b+!

While talking about routes its worth mentioning our very own mild mannered MD Sam Whittaker who in the last week managed to send his project at Malham, Unjustified, F8c. Not content with that, in the week after he ticked an 8b, 8a+ and 2 8a's. Bouldering obviously ain't too bad for route climbing.

This week we've also uploaded another montage from The CWIF that was held in March. Very nice editing from Adam Bailes of Minus Ten productions: