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13 Apr 2011 10:43 Sheffield Secondary School Bouldering Festival Review

Over the past few years The Climbing Works has worked closely with the Links School Sport Partnership in providing a bouldering taster package for pupils that may not necessary excel at team and traditional sports, giving them the opportunity to try a new “alternative” form of exercise. This prospect was available for primary, secondary and SEN schools in the Links area.

After 3 successful years with the Links partnership area and positive feedback from all schools that attended the events, we decided for 2011 that all Secondary schools in Sheffield would have the chance to participate.We were delighted to have schools from Forge, Arches and Points SSP all attend this year.

Emma Flaherty from Links SSP admiring the winner's plate

In the 3 preliminary sessions, which for most participants was the first time they had been bouldering; the climbers were taught the basic fundamentals of bouldering from our instructors, learning the safety aspects as well as climbing techniques, movement and route reading. They then put it all together in our friendly festival at the end of the course.

Participants being briefed before the competition started

Festival Format

20 climbs are selected from the over 400 already set problems, with grades ranging from Font 3 – 6b+. Each group has 1.5 hours to complete as many of the selected problems as possible.


Participants receive 10 points if climb is completed on 1st attempt, 7 points on 2nd attempt, 5 points on 3rd attempt
Marked bonus hold where added after the crux move where if the participant couldn’t complete the climb but can hold the bonus they received 1 point


1) All climbers must start one hand on marked hold and finish two hands together in control on finishing hold (hold for 3 seconds) to complete the climb (unless stated otherwise)
2) As soon as the whole body leaves the floor, an attempt is cou
3) Climber must stick to single selected colour problems (unl
ess stated otherwise)

The Results

Scores are added up for each individual and prizes given for the top 3 male and female individuals. The overall Title of “Secondary School Bouldering Champion” will be decided with the top 2 male and female scores from each school being added together.

Festival Day

This year 24 young competitors took part in the event, creating an excited and energetic atmosphere that was full of team spirit and perseverance as they cheered on fellow team mates and climbed each problem to the best of their ability.

Spectators watched amazed as the participants tackled the technical and strenuous problems with impressive determination, physical strength and incredible attitudes; highlighting the emphases of a fun and friendly festival.

At the end of the 1.5 hours of climbing the competitors scores were added up and prizes awarded. Teachers, participants and parents all went back to school in high spirits after having had a fun and enjoyable time at the festival.

A young climber attempting the big reach on one of the harder problems

Westfield's team working out the problems together

On lookers helping their team mate out with some helpful encouragement

A climber form Tapton showing great determination

Results for 2011(for full results click here)

Position Surname Name School Score
1st Hall Alex Tapton 200
2nd Lee Ben Tapton 197
3rd Garner Isaak Tapton 194


Overall male winner; Alex Hall from Tapton making light work of all the problems, scoring a maximum 200 points by completing each climb on his first attempt


Position Surname Name School Score
1st Paharasingh Kaliysha Firth Park 171
2nd Chamberlain Chloe Firth Park 161
= 3rd Borrowdale Eva Tapton 160
= 3rd Wilson Skye Westfield 160


Overall female winner; Kaliysha Paharasingh from Firth Park receiving her winner’s medal from assistant British team coach David Mason


Position Surname Name Score Total

Hall Alex 200

Lee Ben 197
Borrowdale Eva 160
Creham Megan 158

Firth Park


Slimm Matthew 148

O'Hagen Dean 138
Paharasingh Kaliysha 171
Chamberlain Chloe 161


Bristow James 125

Brownett Will 92
Wilson Skye 160
Morrice Ellie 118


Overall school champions; Tapton with the winner’s trophy and all the helpers and instructors on the day


Taking Part 2012

If you are a primary, secondary or SEN school interested in taking part in the 2012 festivals, or a pupil who is a regular climber at The climbing Works and would like to get your school involved please fill in the form below so any information regarding the festival can be sent straight to your school.

We like to keep our prices as low as possible and offer the sessions and festival entrance at a cut price, in order to do this we rely heavily on funding and sponsorship. If you are a business and would like contribute towards the event then please get in contact by email: michelle@climbingworks.com

12 Apr 2011 13:57 New Circuits, Adult Improvers & Physio Returns

Last week we set a new Green circuit (Font 3-4) & Red circuit (6b-7a) that gave 80+ problems that just about gives everyone something new to try. This week we've stripped the Blues so by the end of the week we'll have another new easy circuit. Ideal if you're bringing your kids or introducing new friends to climbing over the Easter holidays.

Also during the Easter holidays we're doing a lot of different activities for little ones and families. Check out the website for a full list of going-on's.

Before the Easter holidays, we've got quite a few things going on this week starting with our re-freshed Adult Improver's session on Wednesday night. These are very popular for those new to the sport and rightly so as they provide an amazingly quick learning curve. This Wednesday is also the Advanced adult improver session with Lucinda Whittaker. Those operating in the Font 6c and above will definitely get something new from these sessions. Best of all, they're FREE.

Also FREE this week - the return of The Clinic Physio sessions at The Climbing Works. They'll be in their usual place beside the campus board from 7.30pm on Thursday. Read more details on our website.

Watch one of our Senior Coach's, Dave Mason, in this great little video from Outcrop Films


4 Apr 2011 13:30 April Showers

With the changing of the clocks and the move into Spring it's no surprise that we're getting April showers. So as you're running away from the crags due to the nasty rain, what will you get when you come visit The Climbing Works?

New last week we set 2 circuits in the Font 6a-6c'ish range. The Blacks will test your open hand strength while the Purple / Pink spots will most certainly get your fingers working. This morning we've taken down the old Greens and we'll have a new set going up on Wednesday. We're also planning to set a Red circuit but at the moment we're delayed waiting for some new holds to arrive. We've got a number of resets planned for April so keep an eye on our Twitter account for all the latest news. You can see the latest topo for the Works cirucits as a pdf online here.

April also sees Easter arrive and with the schools setting your kids free for a few weeks we've got a number of activities and sessions lined up for the whole Family. Read all about our Easter sessions on the website.

For those who enjoyed our revamped Adult Improver sessions over the last few months, we're doing it all again. First time climber or someone who's looking to break into the 7's, you'll find a session for you. Check out all the details for each session on our website.


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