The CWIF: Minus 2 Days

3 Mar 2011 13:28

The full route-setting team have now arrived and are busy setting and testing the semi & final problems. On board we have the Bishton, Jacky 'the legend' Godoffe, Ian Vickers, Jamie Cassidy, Andy Long, Jan Genoux and Jason 'Manliest Man' Pickles. This lot are some of the most experienced setters in the World (nevermind the UK) so you can expect some 'interesting' problems for both the qualifiers and finals.

We also opened up the new Berghaus Competition Wall last night to take some photos with Percy and Sam climbing.


 Panoramic of the whole wall c.


c.Nick Brown

So with 2 days to go we have 270 confirmed entries with more coming in every hour. We will upload an updated CWIF entry list tomorrow around 1pm. After this point we will still accept online registrations but they will only show on the final list which we will have on Saturday morning when we open.