The CWIF Entry List (updated), Comp Wall Mats and Weekend Timetable

2 Mar 2011 16:37

We've now updated the CWIF Entry List (correct as of 4pm today) so if you've emailed or entered in the last 24 hrs your name should be on this list. We're now at 259 entrants (we took off about 20 withdrawals - thanks to those for letting us know) so we're looking at a cracking qualifying session. For those who are competing the qualifying times are as follows:
am morning session: 09:00 - 12:30
pm afternoon session: 14:30 - 18:00

We will open our doors at 08:00 for those looking to register, warm-up and generally set themselves for the morning qualifying session.

What they will find is a Berghaus Competition wall that is looking pretty smart with all the mats and covers now done. You can see more photos at our Picasa album online.

The Sunday timetable will run like this:
Semi-Finals: 1200 (isolation will open at 11:30)
semi's will finish at 14:30
We will then have the FREE BBQ consisting of Sheffield Roney's (amazing local butcher) Burgers and Lembas Veggie burgers. This should happen around 3pm
Finals: 1800 (isolation will open at 17:00)
finishing at 20:00.

There will be an after-party at the Broadfield pub on Sunday night from 21:00 to midnight. Remember the wall will be open as usual over the weekend if you're just coming to climb our circuits as normal. We will close the whole wall on Sunday at 6pm (no climbing at all), and there will be other walls shut on Sunday due to seating requirements for the semi's and finals.

Read all about the CWIF on our website here>>