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24 Mar 2011 15:42 The CWIF: Highlights Film #1

The CWIF occurred over the weekend of the 5th & 6th March 2011. A massive weekend with over 300 competitors and many more watching the Semi & Finals. Here's a few thoughts, from us, about the whole thing...

So why do we do it?? Why organise and put on a competition that costs us around £10k (costs we never get close to covering with sponsorship etc..) and puts most of us into sick beds the following week?
Why? Because it’s good to give something back, because it’s good to advance competition climbing in the U.K. Because it’s alot of fun.

 Making a proper day of it. Team Avatar bring a bit of colour to the qualifiers

The CWIF was always meant to be ‘much more than a competition’ and in 2011 we think we nailed it. The word Competition usually bring thoughts of tension, elitism and ‘not for me’ when it comes to climbers. The CWIF proves that this does not have to be the case. The weekend of the 5th & 6th March allowed your everyday climber to boulder alongside some of the World’s best in an atmosphere that was extremely relaxed and friendly.

In most competitions you watch and wonder just how good or bad that hold is. You wonder if you could do that move. In the CWIF, you pull on the same holds as the elite, see people flash something you can’t touch and laugh with your mates as you attempt to outdo each other.

Once the qualifying day is over, you return the next day to watch those people you climbed alongside attempt some of the weirdest and impressive problems set by some of Europe’s best route-setters. The CWIF is indeed a festival, with climbing, FREE BBQ’s, FREE physio sessions, DJ’s and party’s all thrown into the mix. In 2011, we also worked with ShAFF (Sheffield Adventure Film Festival) to create a weekend that is unparalleled in the U.K.

If you were here you’ll know what it was all about. You’ll hopefully have woken on Sunday with aching arms and thin skin from going past what you thought was your limit. You probably recovered with some quality food from the BBQ, and then got incredibly psyched to try even harder as you watched the crème de la crème fight it out in the Semi’s & Finals. If you weren’t here at The CWIF, you can watch some of the highlights from the weekend on our YouTube page and view whole gallery of images on our Picasa site.  You can see all the results at thecwif.co.uk too. We've also got the 1st part of a trilogy of highlights film which covers the qualifying day which you can watch below. We'll have the other 2 films over the next fortnight. After watching all of the highlights, you'll probably wish you had been here.

Why do we do it? Because it’s a fantastic weekend of climbing.  



17 Mar 2011 13:48 Closure On Saturday & New Circuits

Just a reminder that The Climbing Works will be CLOSED ALLDAY to the general public (includes full members) this Saturday 19th March due to the British Universities & College's Sports (BUCS) climbing competition that will be held here. We will open as normal on Sunday 20th March. If you are intending to come down and watch please note that we have no authority over who can watch. You will need to speak to BUCS.

Last week, Percy & the Enigma set a new Pink circuit. This brings us back to 11 circuits from font 3 to font 7c. Included in this is the CWIF circuit which has NO topo - just go get involved. The Berghaus Competition wall is open as well with the Men's & Women's final problems on there as well as a dozen or so other problems. You can find an up to date topo for the circuits on the website here>>

Meanwhile, back in the cheese office, we're making sure that The Climbing Works is a politically correct workplace and that I get to feel at home on St Patrick's Day.


10 Mar 2011 15:22 The CWIF: Full Results and more Photos

No rest for the wicked....or The Climbing Works. After the mental weekend that was The CWIF, Percy and the Enigma are just finishing off a new Pink circuit. This is on top of the extra 10 or so problems that were set on the Berghaus Competition Wall on Monday morning. On the Berghaus Comp Wall you have all 8 of the Mens & Womens Final problems and another 10 or so blocs of all grades.

We've now finished checking all the scores from the cards we got handed back in after Saturday qualifiers. This means you can now view your score on the pdf's below. We've also finished the Team scores (added up after the qualifiers) so this is a definitive list also. If you see your Team missing a member or 2 thats because the competitor never told us they where in your team. Get in touch if you see an obvious error.

Mens Results CWIF 2011 after Qualifiers>>

Womens Results CWIF 2011 after Qualifiers>>

Team CWIF 2011 Results>>

You can view the Semi-Final results on this previous blog and the Finals on this blogpost

There's also a huge selection of photos to view on either our Picasa online gallery or our Facebook page

The Semi's


Tyler Landman holding the crazy swing on Mens Problem #4


7 Mar 2011 10:27 The CWIF 2011 - Results & Photos

What a Final!! What a day!! The Climbing Works International Festival 2011 came to a close last night in an amazing session of top level bouldering.

The Mens and Womens Final provided some amazing action with a range of problems that tested the strength, skills and tenacity of all the finalists. At the end of the night we crowned two new champions.

The Overall Results

In the Mens, the only non-UK based climber in the final, Jernej Kruder of Slovenia, became CWIF champion with a display of immense power and strength that showed why Jernej may just be the strongest man in Slovenia (and one to watch in the coming years on the World competition scene).

Jernej Kruder - Mens Champion CWIF 2011

C.W.I.F.F. 2011

ph: Paul Bennett

In the Womens final, our very own, Climbing Works mild mannered receptionist, Katy Whittaker triumphed by the narrowest of margins over Melanie Sandoz of France. Katy sealed her win by flashing problem number 4 but it could be oh so different if Melanie had managed to hold the cut loose / swing on problem number 3.

Katy Whittaker - Womens CWIF 2011 Champion


Melanie Sandoz just failing to hold the big move on problem 3


The full results are available to view in pdf format below:

(each bloc has 2 columns, the left hand side is the amount of attempts it took to get the bonus, the right hand column is the amount of attempts it took to reach the top hold. A 0 means that the problem was not topped out)


Mens Final Results>>


Womens Final Results>>


You can view some more photos online at our Climbing Works Picasa albums here. We'll get more up over the next few days along with some film footage.


You can watch some of the highlights from the qualifiers on our website here>>


We'd like to thank everyone for coming down to watch and take part. We ended up having over 300 competitors for the qualifiers and for the Finals, we had people standing in the car park looking through the windows to catch a glimpse of the bouldering! It was indeed a packed out arena. Over the course of the weekend we also raised over £1000 for the Andy Earl charity which is a fantastic effort from everyone. Andy was watching the live streaming and throughly enjoyed watching the competition, especially Graeme wearing a Newcastle shirt. Thanks to everyone who donated some cash.

We'd also like to thank the Sponsors of the CWIF: Scarpa, UKClimbing.com, Holdz and HRT Holds for supporting this years competition. A big thank you to Scarpa, OR, Holdz and Berghaus for giving prizes for the raffle that helped raise so much money.

For those coming down today you'll have the Final problems to try plus a whole range of new problems that have been set this morning....no rest for The Climbing Works..


6 Mar 2011 13:33 The CWIF: Finals List

What a Semi-Final!!! A big big crowd watched a major upset as the uber-Euro Wads Nalle Hukkataival & Kleman Becan failed to make the finals. The collection of weird and wonderful problems shut down some of the best in the World, but not the local Brits who showed some incredibly strength, and ingenuity, to take the top 4 places. Through to the Finals in the Mens are:

1) Dave Barrans GBR
2) Tyler Landman GBR
3) Ned Feehally GBR
4) Adam Watson GBR
5) Nigel Callender IRE
6) Jernej Kruder SLO

In the Womens, the French ladies showed a display of true experience to style their way through the Semi's and into this evening's grand Final. The list for the Female Finals are:

1) Anne Chevrier FRA
2) Melanie Sandoz FRA
3) Shauna Coxey GBR
4) Katy Whittaker GBR
5) Vera Ziljstra NED
6) Diane Merrick GBR

You can see the unedited results from the Male Semi-Finals here and the Womens Semi-Finals here

The Finals will start at 6pm and the BBQ at 3.30pm. You can watch the finals streamed live at: http://www.247.tv/climbing/freestream


6 Mar 2011 11:53 The CWIF: Semi-Finals Now On!!

The CWIF Semi-Finals have now begun and you can watch online at http://www.247.tv/climbing/freestream

You can see photos from yesterday on www.pro-shot.net

And you can watch highlights from yesterday and a preview of the Finals below:

Highlights from Saturday:

Short from Yesterday:


5 Mar 2011 20:48 The CWIF 2011 Finals Preview.....



You can also see a whole range of photos from this morning CWIF qualifiers on Pro-Shot.net



5 Mar 2011 18:37 CWIF Qualification Results

What a day!!! 2 Sessions, over 300 competitors and a lot of big moves, falls and a few screams.

After the qualification sessions today we now have the Male & Female results for today. The top 16 in both Male & Female qualify for the Semi-Finals tomorrow which will start at Noon tomorrow and will be webcast on http://www.247.tv/climbing/freestream.

We also have the Team results with Team WAD (aka The Climbing Works ringers) coming top again this year : ) This year we've had some amazing outfits when its come to the fancy dress element of the Teams entering and it was amazing to see so many people put so much effort in. We'll have some photos up tomorrow morning on here and you will able to see more on http://www.pro-shot.net also within the hour.

Male Results>>
(the Male results are correct down to 167, after that we still need to do a bit of work checking things which will all be sorted by Monday)

Female Results>>

Team Results (Top 10)>>

Tomorrow all the fun starts again with the Semi's start at Noon, the FREE BBQ at 3.30pm and the Finals at 6pm. We're currently setting up seating for the Semi's and Finals and we expect a big crowd for both. Get down nice and early for a good seat.

You can see a very quick highlights film of this morning's am session below. We will have another, more detailed, highlights film coming soon.


5 Mar 2011 10:29 The CWIF Kicks Off

We opened the doors at 8am to awaiting competitors (some people are keen!) and the CWIF got properly underway at 9am. With the morning session finishing at 12:30 we've got alot of people currently trying to get the circuit completed.

The afternoon session starts at 14:30 and there are still some spaces available. With the rain coming down in Sheffield as I write, we're expecting those to go quick.

Some photos from this morning:

 One of the Dutch Team, Sam Van Der Fook'witt looking on for Beta

Fancy dress team award probably going to be won by the Avatar team - Bon Effort!


4 Mar 2011 16:37 Bargains & Scarpa Offer - £50 Mago's & Rockettes

Scarpa are one of the big sponsors of the CWIF and to make it a bit more special for you, they are offering Scarpa Mago's and Scarpa Rockette's at only £50!!! The Mago's RRP is £110 so that's a HUGE saving. You can also get this offer online from our website over the weekend.

Scarpa are also offering a special £10 cash back offer across their whole range of shoes within The Climbing Works. Buy any pair of Scarpa's (excluding the Mago's & Rockettes's) and you can get £10 cash back by filling in a form and sending it of to Scarpa UK. Sweet deal indeed.

Also this weekend, you can get 10% OFF Evolv shoes both instore and online.

Not to stop there on the offers, we are also doing our fantastic Spring Sale in The Climbing Works shop. These are all special offers only available instore. Up to 60% OFF Down Jackets, Hoodies and other Winter tops plus a few other things in the mix. This and The CWIF to look forward to when you come visit the Works this weekend.


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