Weekly Updates - Fri 25th Feb 2011

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25 Feb 2011 16:55 Comp Wall Paint Job & The CWIF

The paint Job is all done and as you can see below it's pretty striking. We'll get the mats under it early next week and the boys will starting setting for The CWIF on Thursday or so. All those who have entered the CWIF will get first go on the new wall on Saturday with some of the qualification problems being set on the new Berghaus Competition Wall.

The CWIF is nearly here with only 8 days to go.
At the moment the stats are: 210 entrants as of 0900 today, 54 are women and 25 are U18.

30 are foreigners from 12 different countries: AUS/SUI, CAN, CHN, ESP, FIN, FRA, IRE, NED (no it’s not a country named after Mr Feehally), POL, RSA, SER (Serbia) and SLO

Those who asked for an AM or PM slot have been allocated these and those who have said 'not bothered', we will email you on Monday with your time slot. We will also get a pdf up on the website on Monday with all this info.

Starting building the psyche!


25 Feb 2011 16:52 FiveTen Hornet

Brand new into The Climbing Works today (one of the first shops to have these in the country) are the FiveTen Hornets.

A top of the range shoe for sport climbing, bouldering and competitions. This soft, downturned shoe has an interesting and innovative lacing system to help refine the fit to your foot while the thin Mystique rubber will bring extra 'stickiness' to steep projects.

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