Weekly Updates - Mon 21st Feb 2011

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21 Feb 2011 16:34 FiveTen Climbing Shoe Offer

At the start of March the prices of FiveTen climbing shoes will be going up across their range by roughly £15. If your classic 5.10 shoes are starting to wear a little thin, take this opportunity to get some new shoes before the price rise occurs. See the FiveTen range here

NOW £90, Will be £105
NOW £65, Will be £80
NOW £90, Will be £105
NOW £85, Will be £100
NOW £85, Will be £100 (and in a new colour shown below)


21 Feb 2011 10:11 Week 2, Stage 2

With the main build completed, week 2 is all about finishing off the small details, adding extra treats and getting the thing painted.

 Some of the extra treats...bit of ziggy stardust friction on the slab


 A little bit of filler goes a long way




The finished corner. Quite small really...


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