A Quiet Day...Kind Of

10 Feb 2011 13:32

Ok, so it's not been a quiet day in The Climbing Works. Probably as far away from being a quiet day as you could get really.

Percy, Longy, big Pickles and UF have started work on taking down the old Berghaus competition wall and they're motoring ahead. We've uploaded some photos below and you can see some more at our Picasa online gallery. We'll try and put more on here over the coming days to show you the progression of the destruction / new build. As you can expect, during the afternoon there will be quite a bit of noise and some slight disruption so please bear with us as we aim to bring you a bigger, better wall. The evenings will be as normal as they can be with only the Comp wall and Motherboard out of action.

Elsewhere in The Climbing Works, Sam & the Enigma have been setting a brand new yellow spotty circuit. This will be finished by today and should sit in the Font 4-5 range.

We've also had the guys from Holdz down this morning fixing and reinforcing some of our matting. They also dropped back our bean bag which has had an upgrade and is now very 'pimped'.

the new bean bag!


Yesterday we moved the rather big and very heavy mats that sat underneath the old wall

tools of the job

bye bye to the old slab

hello to the ply which the new wall will be built from

Taking down the steep right hand side, looking like something out of Play School