The Climbing Works Winter Bouldering League Overall Results

7 Feb 2011 15:53

Friday night was the final round of this years Winter Bouldering League and a big crowd turned out to climb the last problems set on this version of the Berghaus Competition Wall.

The winner of this years competition (best 3 scores out of 4 rounds) in each category are listed below:
Mens (Senior): Grant Bateman
Womens(Senior): Diane Merrick
Boys: Joe Broadhead
Girls: Hannah Wilson (Hannah tied with Tasha but wins as she scored a higher tally when all 4 rounds were counted)

The Mens and Womens champions win a 3 month full membership to The Climbing Works. The junior boys and  girls champions win a £40 credit for The Climbing Works shop.


The results from round 4, and the overall scores after 4 rounds (best 3 out of 4 count) can be found on our website here. Looking at the results of round 4 you would think that it was a quiet comp with only 49 competitors. In fact we gave out more than 70 scorecards meaning that over 20 people did not hand in their card (people like Ryan Beggs, Ned van der Freewilly & Leah Crane).

Those who did hand in their scorecards got a chance to win a pair of 5.10 shoes. The winners of the final pair are Paul Latham & Sophie Whyte. To claim your shoes, please get in touch. Thanks to FiveTen / Bigstone for supporting the 2010/11 Winter Bouldering League.

You can view a gallery of images from the final round on our facebook page or on our Picasa online gallery.

The next competition will of course be The CWIF which will take place on the brand new competition wall on the 5th-6th March.