FiveTen Arrowhead

2 Feb 2011 14:24

New into our shop today are the FiveTen Arrowheads.

These are the latest evolution of the classic Anasazi range from FiveTen. Based on the same last as the Anasazi, the obvious difference is that this baby has a downturned toe. This is what the Arrowhead is all about. It fills a gap in the range between the Anasazi velcro and the Dragon, offering a shoe that will perform on steep terrain and small edges.

The heel has also been redesigned and first impressions are that it is a slightly firmer slingshot style heel that should perform better on heel hooking that the old velcro. The all important shoe rubber is Stealth Onyxx though FiveTen have doubled up, going for Stealth Mystique on the toe rand (giving a softer toe box) which should help with tricky toehooks.
Like all FiveTen's they feel quite blocky when you first put them on but the Stealth Onyxx does break in and you can expect the shoe to perform well on slopers as well as edges after you've worn / bedded them for a while.

I am a UK 8 in normal shoes. I take a 7 in the Anasazi VCS and 6.5 in the Anasazi LV. The Arrowhead in a 7.5 was a snug fit and a 7 was a very tight fit and with even a little stretch it would still be tight.

The Arrowhead is a fine addition to the FiveTen range and is the next step up in the Anasazi range after the classic Velcro. The price is a hefty £105* but they'll be a popular shoe for sure.

*All FiveTen climbing shoes will be going up in price by the end of the month. Expect roughly a £15-20 increase across the range with the classic Anasazi VCS going up to £100. Get your FiveTen's at the old price before the price increases>>