Weekly Updates - Tue 1st Feb 2011

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1 Feb 2011 18:15 Winter Bouldering League - R3 Highlights Film

The final round of the Winter Bouldering League takes place this Friday night (4th Feb). To get you in the mood you can watch the highlights film from round 3. This set of problems will disappear on Thursday morning so take your final chance to get your project done

You can see the full results from round 3, including overall scores, on the website here>>

1 Feb 2011 08:00 Final Round of the Winter Bouldering League

Friday is the last round of The Climbing Works Winter Bouldering League. More importantly though it is also the last comp to be held on the Berghaus Competition Wall. This will be the 50th reset of the wall and its bound to be a cracker. The last round and £375 up for grabs on the Female bloc (double rollover) and £125 for the Men's, it's going to be alot of fun.

It starts at 6pm so come on down and get involved!

N.B. This means that you only have today and tomorrow to get down and crush any projects on the current comp wall set as they'll all be disappearing on Thursday.


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