Belated Christmas present.....

20 Jan 2011 13:10

The Climbing Works has been open for 4 years, in which time we have had well over 300,000 customers through our doors. Needless to say, given this level of use (and abuse) our walls get pretty worn out. However, one wall in particular has been particularly abused - our competition wall. Since we opened we have completely reset this wall a grand total of 49 times (and re-painted it 3 times). If you want an idea of how well perforated a climbing wall can become given the number of screws that have gone in and out of the panels, check out this photo of a small section of the wall. Taken at night, with a light behind the wall, you start to see just how riddled with holes the boards have become....

Anyway, rather than give the wall another lick of paint and ignoring it, like most other walls, we have decided to 'man up' and sort it out properly.

So the final round of the bouldering league on the 4th of February will be the last event held on the comp wall, before we pull it all down and build a lovely new shiny one, just in time for its christening at the CWIF

The last chance to climb on the comp wall in its current incarnation will be Tuesday the 8th of February. From the 9th to the 18th of February an experienced team of chancers (me, Longy, Pickles and the UF) will be found pacing about holding incorrectly sized bits of timber and scratching our heads whilst we create our new and improved comp wall. Then it will be handed over to Mr Whittaker for painting before its grand unveiling at the CWIF. Obviously, during the construction of the new wall, all of the other walls at The Works will be open as usual (except for the Beastmaker board, but its about time the saddo's who only ever train on there climbed on some other bits of wall anyway, so its all good !o) ) The CWIF circuit will have problems on this new section of wall aswell as everywhere else throughout the centre, so if you want to be one of the first to climb on the UK's biggest and best fixed competition wall, get yourself booked in NOW!

As for what the new wall will be like - it will be amazing, just wait and see.....!