R3 Winter Bouldering League Results

10 Jan 2011 10:43

Friday night saw R3 of the Bouldering League with a good crowd out trying to work off the excesses of Christmas.

The Men's cash problem was a bit different this round in that there was not one yellow volume involved. Instead the boys brought out the CORE RAF holds and created something basic. Ned van der Freewilly was the first to get it sent making sure he got a piece of the £125 cash prize. That piece got ever smaller as Dan Varian, Dave Mason, Rich Ames and Leo Molger (CORE owner so maybe inside knowledge?) brought their beastmaker board strength to the dirty open pinches. £25 each is still not a bad return for a couple of hours climbing.


Over at the Women's problem, the £250 was left in the safe as the problem defeated those who tried. Next round (the final 4th round) will see the Women's cash prize go up to £375!!! Who will come and collect it??

You can see the full results of Round 3 and the current overall standings on our news page on the website.


The 2 winners in round 3 of a pair of FiveTen shoes are Hannah Wilson and Jon Daynes. They win a pair of 5.10 shoes of their choice (thanks to FiveTen). They can collect them next time they are in The Climbing Works. How did they win? By simply handing in their scorecards. We notice that a fair few scorecards go out but alot of them don't come back in. Next round, hand yours in for a chance to win.



The 4th and final round of the Winter Bouldering League, supported by FiveTen, will take place on Friday 4th February.

You can see the full album of photos for Round 3 on our facebook page or by clicking on this link (you don't need to be on facebook to view them). Thanks to Dom Worrall - www.dr-photography.co.uk - for coming down to shoot and sending us the photos so quickly.