Comps, comps, comps.....

8 Dec 2010 19:58

Well, as Bri has already mentioned, this Friday is round 2 of our bouldering league. Then I saw this film made by Udo Neumann (climber, writer, German Bouldering team manager, film maker, eccentric and all round nice guy) of a small local competition I set for a few months back in Austria. As ever, Udo's films are so good if you're into bouldering comps and want to see how the best climbers in the world tackle some of the hardest comp problems in the world. The split screen shots he puts together are such a great tool for analysing how climbers solve problems in different ways - no wonder the German bouldering team is improving at such a fast rate with training tools like this available to them.

Be warned, there is a little bit (only a couple of minutes) of "lead climbing" at the start of the film, but don't let this put you off. There's plenty of bouldering footage to watch after - just don't nod off while you're waiting!

Those of you who may in the past have tackled a 'Percy Special' in one of our bouldering leagues may note that its not just you lot I subject to such abuse. There's just a little bit of my special magic in each of the problems in the film - some a bit more than others (the last bloc in the mens final for example). There's not many men who've reduced Adam Ondra to tears, but I knew I had it in me..... Enjoy!