Open as Usual

1 Dec 2010 12:27

After last nights dump of snow it's no surprise that much of Sheffield is closed. Roads are a mess and as you can see below there's at least 30cm of snow on the ground.

Even in these harsh conditions The Climbing Works is open as usual. The forecast still looks snowy for the next few days but we'll be here serving you hot drinks and giving you new problems to get your teeth into. If you're coming down, the best mode of transport is probably skis.

On a side note, the new car parking regulations come into effect today. At the moment we don't foresee and issues as you can barely get into the car park today but please read the blogpost.

 30cms outside the door


 Shovelling the entrance - please knock the snow off your feet before you come in


 The insulated roof keeps getting bigger


 Car parking will not be an issue today....or for a few days at least