School Sports Partnerships Petition

23 Nov 2010 14:07

If you've been down to the Works in the last week you will have seen a petition that we're supporting on our front desk.

This petition is to save the School Sports Partnerships (SSP's). Most of you won't have heard about this organisation, but there's a very good chance that your school going children will have been benefited from the SSP's over the last few years. The SSP objective is to enhance the take up of sporting opportunities by 5 to 16 year olds, increasing the amount of PE for kids and encouraging and funding sporting activities beyond the normal team sports that you find at School. We've had numerous Sheffield schools use the SSP's to fund climbing for their kids. Imagine if you were lucky enough to have found Climbing aged 5?

The recent Government budget has taken away the funding for the SSP's and by next March they may no longer exist. You can read more in-depth articles on the SSP's and the cuts on the Guardian website here and one on the Telegraph website here

A 17 year old pupil got so fired up about the cuts to the SSP's that she started this petition and will deliver it to Downing Street in early December. The petition will leave us on Thursday so if you are in The Climbing Works in the next 2 days, please take a moment to read the petition and put your name down.