Weekly Updates - Fri 19th Nov 2010

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19 Nov 2010 15:47 Car Parking at The Climbing Works - IMPORTANT!

UPDATED (Mon 22/11/10)
As of Wednesday 1st December our landlord is introducing a parking management scheme in the car park. We have not yet been given the full details but our understanding is that ticketing will take place if you park in bays 29-40 (ie those bays marked TAD or Venue Options) or on the double yellow lines or in the yellow cross hatched areas.

We think that the ticketing will take place at all times NOT just in office hours.


You can still use the bays directly outside The Works, the bays in the central area (ie where the bays are 2 deep) and the car park outside (the one to the left abutting to Woodseats Road).
Roadside parking is also available but please be considerate to local residents. The parking belonging to Sorby’s Tools that is on Little London Road is allowed in the evenings and at weekends BUT NOT BEFORE 6pm MIDWEEK (you will get clamped). The little triangular car park opposite the gates is out of bounds at all times – again you will get clamped.

So please respect the other tenant’s parking spaces and we hope that we can resolve the issue about parking in the evenings and at weekends.

If you're unsure then please ask a member of staff when you come into The Climbing Works.

19 Nov 2010 12:08 Filling a Gap

Over the last few weeks we've had a few people mention to us that they thought there was a gap in the style and grade of problems from the Greens to the Yellow Spottys. Always ready to listen (well mostly, sometimes, kindof) we had the Enigma and UF reset the Green Spotty circuit yesterday. This 40 problem circuit in the Font 5 range should fill that gap between the Greens and Spotty Yellows giving you a steady progression through the grades. You can view the latest pdf topo on our website.

With the addition of the new Green Spotty circuit we now have over 140 problems below Font 6a. Above this we have over 280 circuit problems from 6a to 7c'ish. Then there is the 25 on the Berghaus competition wall, the circuit wall with its numerous up problems & the beastmaker 45 wall too..... so many blocs!

For those who want to know when things are changing in the Works, you can follow all our stripping, setting and general going ons at our twitter page.
If you're wondering whether it's worth going out in the Peak when the weather is so-so, you should check out Heason's events twitter feed with the daily weather forecast and picture from the peak. We have no control over this so it will not say rain/fog/sleet & snow everyday for the foreseeable future ; )

Upcoming events:
Next Thursday, 25th November sees a double header of events taking place. On top of the FREE physio from The Clinic we'll also be having an Evolv shoe demo. Ben Bransby will be here with a stack load of Evolv shoes that will be FREE to try on and use for the evening. Take this opportunity to climb in shoes you might be thinking of purchasing and to ask Ben on buying the right pair for you.

You can see The Climbing Works range of eVolv shoes online at our website>>

We've also just added a stack of hats from E9, Moon and FiveTen to our website to keep that little head of yours warm as the weather gets ever colder...

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