Reel Rock Tour 2010 - This Sunday

3 Nov 2010 12:57

I mentioned the Reel Rock Tour in yesterday's blog but really thought it deserved its own mention this week as it's taking place this Sunday night.

What is the Reel Rock Tour?
It's a joint venture between Sender Films (First Ascent) & BigUp Productions (Dosage series) that is now its 5th year. The Climbing Works has been hosting it for the past 2 years with great success. We barely break even on the evening (it costs quite a bit to host the tour) but it's a success in that everyone who comes, walks away amazingly psyched and a smile on their face from seeing some amazing footage.

So what's on?
The 2010 Reel Rock Tour is a little different from previous years. This year it is a series of 6 short films that cover the breadth of climbing. Cutting edge blocs from Daniel Woods & Paul Robinson, pushing the limits of sport climbing with Sharma, creating a new 'sport' with Dean Potters base-climbing and the highlight being an insight into The Swiss Machine - Ueli Steck. After watching Ueli, you WILL be amazed at how far people push their climbing limits. Superb film.
5 of the 6 films are exclusive to the Reel Rock Tour so you won't be seeing them on any DVD's anytime soon.

When and Where?
Well, obviously The Climbing Works. Sunday 7th November with doors opening at 8pm and the show starting at 8.30pm.

How Much? What time does it finish?
£6.50 standard; £6 concession (much less than a night at the cinema these days). The whole show lasts 95mins and we'll have an intermission around the 50min mark for teas and coffees. We'll also be having other refreshments on the night from some local suppliers. It should all be wrapped up around 10.30pm.

Where do I get tickets?
You can buy them online or at front door reception before the show.

Anything else?
As we're a big warehouse with no central heating it can get cold in here if its chilly outside. We always recommend bringing some warm clothes and a hat just in case. Many like to bring blankets etc... so feel free to bring them along.

Overall, you'll be glad you came as it's a great series of films and a good night out. Check out the trailer below to get a taster of the action: