A Catch Up

2 Nov 2010 13:08

After a month away it has taken a day or two to get my head around all the changes that have taken place within The Climbing Works. In the last 4 weeks there has been 7 new circuits and a new Berghaus competition wall reset. That's alot of problems!
291, between Font 3 to 7c+, to be exact but who's really counting.

Oh and there'll be a new Yellow circuit on Friday, the Berghaus Comp wall be stripped and reset Monday for a private comp Wednesday, and then stripped and reset AGAIN for the first round of the Works Bouldering League on Friday 12th November. PHEW!

Some of the new Wasp coloured holds from Bleaustone


One of the recurring themes from my travels was the amount of people who stated how lucky Sheffield was to have The Climbing Works - from the size of the facility to the regularity of the changes: both wall and circuits. They're right too. There are very few places in the World like Sheffield. Quality climbing walls situated close to each other, some of the World's finest rock just 20 mins from the city centre and the ability to Boulder, Sport and Trad climb on 2 different types of rock types. We may not have the best weather but at least on a wet, windy, cold day you know you can come to the biggest, driest crag this side of Ceuse.


Reel Rock Tour 2010: Sunday 7th November - doors open at 8pm; show starts at 8.30pm.

This year will be the 3rd year we've hosted the Reel Rock Tour and it keeps on getting better. This year it is made up of a number of short films covering a wide range of climbing. From small holds and big moves to long routes and fast alpine ascents, the 2010 tour has it all. I've already seen most of the films ( to make sure the DVD's work. My job can be very hard sometimes) and The Swiss Machine featuring Ueli Steck is worth the entry alone -  mind blowing!.

Watch the trailer below, get psyched, buy your tickets online or at reception. Remember to bring some warm clothes as it's getting chilly in here.