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30 Nov 2010 10:17 Snow Day

As Graeme said earlier on, The Climbing Works is open as usual today. The insulated roof has grown by about 100mm over night and it is still chilly but certainly not as cold as it has been in here. The coffee machine is working well (been thoroughly checked this morning) and we've got the music blaring. If you've got a snow day from work, come join the fun.

In terms of roads: Abbeydale road, Chesterfield road and Woodseats road are all open and clear. Little London road is drivable with care.

A few photos from this morning


The fresh snow from last night on top of the van


 You can see our nice insulated roof in this photo. With the forecast saying more snow on its way, it should grow in the next few days




30 Nov 2010 08:14 Snow everywhere but The Works is open.

Well there's a good few inches of snow outside but The Works is still open, assuming you can get to us.

Woodseats Road looks as if it will be impassable very soon - theres buses galore stuck there.

Abbeydale Road is fine, it's been gritted.

Maybe see you later.

29 Nov 2010 13:37 Gift Vouchers

Not sure what to get the climber in your family for Christmas? You can now get Gift Vouchers from The Climbing Works. They can be redeemed in the shop, for entry or for coaching lessons.

If you have a friend or family member who wants to get into climbing, you can also purchase an induction session for The Climbing Works.

This morning we stripped the black circuit with a replacement going up on Thursday this week. This will be the same grade range as the last one. The new pinks have had a bit of a hammering over the weekend so with the forecast looking grim for the next week, come down and try the new circuits.
We've set 10 circuits and 3 comp walls in the last 10 weeks so no matter how regular or irregular you've visited, there's bound to be something new for you to do. Whole topo available from the website

25 Nov 2010 09:17 Climbing Works Birthday Party - Help Needed

Every year since The Climbing Works opened we've held a rather large birthday party. These have always been loud, long and busy. It was all about having a good time with our customers and friends. This year was to be no exception with another big party planned....until the club we had sorted it with decided to double book the venue leaving us literally out in the cold.

This is where you, our dear friends, come into play. We still want to hold our party but are struggling to find a venue. It's a common saying that "it's not what you know, but WHO you know". You are our last chance to find a place. If you know a promoter, club owner, venue that you think could fit the bill then get in touch with brian@climbingworks.com. We've tried all the usual spots and had no joy. We need solid leads not unfortunately 'what about the plug?' We open it up to you now to see if you can help.

What we need:
A venue with a good sound system
Ability to hold 4-500 people
Late bar / licence: up till 6am : )
Free on the weekend of either 10-11th Dec or 17-18th Dec.

We're still hoping to sort something out but for now The Climbing Works 4th birthday party is on hold : (

And before you ask, no, we can't hold it at The Climbing Works.

24 Nov 2010 17:13 Down, Down and Down

As the temperatures start to drop and snow looks likely sometime this week, many of you will be reaching for your trusty old down jacket. If that old down jacket is now looking more tatty than trusty, take some time and check out the selection of down jackets at The Climbing Works store. We've got a small, but toasty warm, range for both Men& Women.

Whether you need a downy for going bouldering at Stanage, layering for Scotland, or for simply have a tea break in the Works, you'll find what you need below:

Men's Down Jackets online>>
Womens's Down Jackets>>
Warm Winter Hats online>>



24 Nov 2010 10:56 BMC Pub Quiz tonight

It's time for THE social event of the BMC Peak Area calendar - the Christmas Quiz (preceded by the AGM, Ordinary meetings and FREE food).

This year the Quiz Master extraordinaire is The Climbing Works very own Graeme Alderson. Come prepared to be humiliated and stripped off any climbing knowledge kudos you may think you have!!. Expect questions about wine, cricket, Sunderland AFC and probably climbing. An intimate knowledge of The Climbing Works and international climbing competitions will undoubtedly help.

It’s taking place tonight, Wednesday 24th November 2010, 7.30pm onwards, at The Maynard, Main Road, Grindleford, Derbyshire. S32 2HE. (An agenda and minutes of the last meeting can be found on the BMC communities website).

23 Nov 2010 14:07 School Sports Partnerships Petition

If you've been down to the Works in the last week you will have seen a petition that we're supporting on our front desk.

This petition is to save the School Sports Partnerships (SSP's). Most of you won't have heard about this organisation, but there's a very good chance that your school going children will have been benefited from the SSP's over the last few years. The SSP objective is to enhance the take up of sporting opportunities by 5 to 16 year olds, increasing the amount of PE for kids and encouraging and funding sporting activities beyond the normal team sports that you find at School. We've had numerous Sheffield schools use the SSP's to fund climbing for their kids. Imagine if you were lucky enough to have found Climbing aged 5?

The recent Government budget has taken away the funding for the SSP's and by next March they may no longer exist. You can read more in-depth articles on the SSP's and the cuts on the Guardian website here and one on the Telegraph website here

A 17 year old pupil got so fired up about the cuts to the SSP's that she started this petition and will deliver it to Downing Street in early December. The petition will leave us on Thursday so if you are in The Climbing Works in the next 2 days, please take a moment to read the petition and put your name down.

22 Nov 2010 13:02 Little London Road open again at last. Hurrah!!

A mere 6 weeks after Little London Road was closed for 3 weeks it has re-opened. So you don't all have to suffer the horrors of the Woodseats Rd/Abbeydale Rd traffic lights to get to & from The Works.

22 Nov 2010 10:21 Evolv Boot Demo and Evolv 15% OFF Offer

This Thursday we're hosting an Evolv boot demo at The Climbing Works. Evolv athlete, and all-round WAD, Ben Bransby will be on hand to offer you advice on finding the right Evolv shoe for your climbing level.

This week, in conjunction with Evolv, we're offering 15% OFF all Evolv shoes in our range. This offer is online and instore so which ever way you visit us you're getting a great deal. This offers expires at midnight, Sunday 28th November.

You can view all our climbing shoes including the Evolv range online at climbingworks.com>>

Other news:

UPDATE: If you saw our blog post on Friday regarding parking, please note that the parking scheme will come into affect on Wednesday 1st December. If you are visiting The Climbing Works this week please remember NOT to park in bays 29-40.

Circuits: The pink circuit has now been stripped and is currently being cleaned, ready to go back up by the end of the week.

19 Nov 2010 15:47 Car Parking at The Climbing Works - IMPORTANT!

UPDATED (Mon 22/11/10)
As of Wednesday 1st December our landlord is introducing a parking management scheme in the car park. We have not yet been given the full details but our understanding is that ticketing will take place if you park in bays 29-40 (ie those bays marked TAD or Venue Options) or on the double yellow lines or in the yellow cross hatched areas.

We think that the ticketing will take place at all times NOT just in office hours.


You can still use the bays directly outside The Works, the bays in the central area (ie where the bays are 2 deep) and the car park outside (the one to the left abutting to Woodseats Road).
Roadside parking is also available but please be considerate to local residents. The parking belonging to Sorby’s Tools that is on Little London Road is allowed in the evenings and at weekends BUT NOT BEFORE 6pm MIDWEEK (you will get clamped). The little triangular car park opposite the gates is out of bounds at all times – again you will get clamped.

So please respect the other tenant’s parking spaces and we hope that we can resolve the issue about parking in the evenings and at weekends.

If you're unsure then please ask a member of staff when you come into The Climbing Works.

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