Return of the Mac(allinden)

30 Oct 2010 19:33

And that pun is almost worthy of the King of the Cheesy (ie: rubbish) Pun, Brian*, who returns to The Works this Monday after having a lovely month-long holiday in lots of niceplaces. Whilst this is (in the main), good news, it does mean that I will hand back the main blog-writing duties to Bri. (Click HERE for the pun!)

Apologies to all my loyal fans out there, but normal, slightly dull, unopinionated, and useful blog service is about to be resumed. I've enjoyed my brief foray into regular blogging, and have seized the opportunity to make sure I upset and insult as many people as possible, which I have been very successful with! However, the people in the white coats are here for me now, so I must bid you all adieu. Obviously, if I get a bee in my bonnet about anything else in the near future, expect more rantings!

*You must remember Brian! That bloke down the Works who nobody understands....what's he saying?!?