What are you training for?

29 Oct 2010 11:18

Just recently I have noticed just how many people are 'training' at The Works. Not just climbing and having fun, but training. It's a serious business - weight belts, pulley systems, stamina circuits, board sessions, body tension exercises, ring work, finger boarding, endless pull-ups, miserable expression, etc, etc.

Now I'm a cynical old grump at the best of times, but even I have had to train for climbing at various points in the past. However, the periods where I have trained have been with a specific goal in mind - in my case being fit enough to set problems at international bouldering competitions, or just before I go away on a big climbing trip so I can do as much climbing as possible.

And this is what training is for. Find a specific goal that is difficult for you to achieve, and then train your body and mind in order to have a better chance of success. Whether you're about to go on a big, expensive climbing trip, or you have entered a climbing competition, or you'd like to climb you're first Font 7c+, or you fancy doing one of those 'route' things with a big number that will make you feel happy for approximately 2 days, training is the way that these things might be acheived.

But don't loose sight of the bigger picture. Training should have focus and purpose, and if you're doing it properly, it can't be sustained for long periods of time. Hard training for a few months to peak for your goal is how its done. The rest of the time you're allowed to go climbing for FUN, with your friends, and have a good time - maybe even break out into a smile once in a while...!

Proper training isn't fashionably cool - it is extremely hard work, and requires a level of dedication that most people only think they have. So next time you think you'll have a campus session, or do a million pull-ups just for a spot of 'training', ask yourself what you're doing it for. If you don't have specific goals, or any proper structure in your training, then just go and have a climb because it will do you much more good.

If you really want to know how to train properly, there's a million and one places to find out information (and most of them are rubbish). However, if you'd like some coaching for your climbing goals, The Works can help you out. And if you need more inspiration, then check these guys out.