The Prophet, and more....

28 Oct 2010 11:48

Nice one, boys! At last Leo Houlding and Jase Pickles have finished their project on El Capitan in Yosemite. The Prophet is the newest free route on the wall, and sounds from ElCapReport that the boys only just made it in time. Click on the link for a great write up and report on the route from Tom Evans.
The Prophet has taken these two chancers 10 years to get done, and has been a true labour of love for both Leo and Jason. Pickles infamously 'dropped' the spicy first pitch a few years back and took a nasty fall onto a ledge that trashed his hip so badly that he still moans about it today (what a whinger!). Joking apart, massive respect to the boys - that dedication makes the reward so much sweeter.
(And now you've dispatched the route, Jase, I reckon you're 'grounded' for the rest of your life!)
This ones for you.....

Back to more mundane matters, Jimmy and the extractor boys have been in this morning and sorted out our dust extractors, so the atmosphere will be nice and clean when you come down to the Works to try the new Green and Yellow Spotty circuits which have been set over the last day or so. Greens are easy (set by Sam and Matt), Yellow Spotties are a bit harder (set by me and the Enigma). Enjoy.

Now lets just hope Leo gets back to the UK in time for his Lecture in Worcester on Saturday, 'cos my Mum and Dad have got tickets, and they'll be well miffed if he doesn't turn up. They've spent the last 38 years suffering from 'climber disappointment' so lets hope Springer makes it back in time!