21 Oct 2010 14:06

The lovely people at Scarpa have had a bit of a clear-out of their ex-demo stock of climbing shoes. SOOOOOO, here's the deal. If you want a pair of FREE climbing shoes, no strings attached, we have a load of them at The Works that you can have, gratis, for nowt.

All you have to do is get yourself down to the Works as soon as you can, and see if we have anything left. Below is a list of what's up for grabs as of 10 past 3 on Thursday afternoon. One pair per person, no getting another 4 pairs for your mates (if you want a pair, come and get them yourself, you lazy so-and-so's!), when they are gone, they are gone. No phoning up to reserve a pair - thats not how it works. If you live in Lahndahn (London) and you desperately want a pair of size 39.5 Scarpa Stix slippers 'cos they don't make them any more and they were the best slipper ever made, then its going to be a long and probably fruitless drive north - sorry about this, but we have to have some perks for living up North!

We have.....

One pair of Scarpa Stix Slippers in each of these sizes - 35, 37.5, 38.5, 39 (2 pairs of these!), 40 (2 pairs of these), 40.5, 43

Rockettes in 38 and 41 (plus one shoe in size 40, if anybody knows a one legged climber with a size 6 foot)

Booooooosters in 38, 40 (2 pairs), 41, 42, 43 (2 pairs), 43.5, 44

So, thats 20 pairs of free shoes up for grabs. They are ex-demo, so they have been worn before, and have the size written on the outside in marker pen, but they are all in brilliant condition (some more-so than others. A few pairs look brand spanking new!)

So, if you're feeling lucky, come and get some free shoes. Be quick - I'd imagine that they will all be gone within the next few hours, but don't 'phone to see if we still have your size, 'cos we're trying to run a busy climbing wall here, and we won't waste our time checking for you. After all, it's a FREEBIE - let's not take the p"$*

Pop in, ask the reception staff to see what we have left, and FILL YOUR BOOTS, its as easy as that. Remember - one pair per person please. And massive thanks to Scarpa, who have been massively generous with stock they could certainly have sold off rather than given to us for nothing. If you do feel guilty about receiving something for nothing (strange, but some people might) please feel free to donate a fiver to the charity of your choice, or the Mountain Rescue if you can't make up your mind (they are always much more gentle with injured climbers wearing Scarpa's!)