New circuits this week

11 Oct 2010 14:23

Its Monday, so we've been hard at work again to prepare some more new problems for everybody this week. Two circuits have now gone (the BLUES and the REDS) and preparations are underway to replace these by the end of this week. There will be a new BLUE circuit - the same grade range as previously (as in nice and easy).

However, the RED circuit is going to be replaced with the WASP circuit. Whats the wasp circuit, I hear you ask? Well, wait and see, but I can give you a clue....The Works has just bought a lot of new holds that have a black and yellow strip on them. The new problems should mostly be set by this Thursday by myself and a mystery guest route-setter. There are two or three up already to give you a bit of a taster - the grade range will be more or less the same as the old red circuit, so from Font 6b to 7a+ ish......

I have also added a few new problems to the comp wall, just to fill a few gaps - grades and a topo will appear at some point, maybe.... So that will be well over 80 new problems for you to try set by this Friday, and just another busy week for us. Enjoy!