Road works on Sheffields worst road!

5 Oct 2010 19:18

If your coming to the Works in the next few days, its worth noting that the powers that be have dug up the road under the railway bridge on Little London Road, so you can only get to the Works via Woodseats Road. Unless, of course, you have your James Bond wetsuit with you, and then you'll be able to wade up the river instead!

Obviously, regular users of Little London Road will be aware of this streets status as having what is probably the worst road surface in the world, and so we can all look forward to some new bumps and lumps of tarmac patching soon, because I'll bet everybody a jam tart that the council won't resurface it. Why, that would ruin it!

And whilst I'm venting my spleen a little, I thought I would post a link from Deadpoint magazine featuring the ramblings of John 'Vermin' Shermin who writes an irregular blog for them. Verm has recently visited Magic Wood (one of the post popular 'nu-skool' bouldering venues in Europe) and wasn't too psyched by what he found.... If you think I can be sarcastic, cynical and even down-right rude, read Verms blog, cos he wins the ranting prize!

You see, popularity of climbing areas tends to ruin them. That's why the Climbing Works is here so you never need to climb outside ever again - you wouldn't like it anyway. It's all too high, rough, muddy, cold, hot, dry, wet, technical, dangerous and dirty. If I still haven't put you off, be nice to the rocks, 'cos we haven't got many really good ones and its a shame to spoil what little we have. Here endeth the sermon - I'm off for a camomile tea and a lie down....