A Little Bit of Psyche

1 Oct 2010 17:26

As the rain hammers it down in Sheffield and the light is fading fast (just after 6pm), we thought it would be time to bring you an idea that we've been working on.

In the back corner of the Works, you'll find some strange creatures, some wanna-be monsters and some established ones. In this corner wood reigns supreme*. Whether it's the campus board, the 45 or the beastmaker fingerboards, it's all about strength and power.

This Winter we're going to document this part of the wall and have a little fun putting it all together into some short films. This one is a little taster of what will come. It's been put together by Luke who also did all the filming. Hope you like it:

* ok, so there is some resin in this corner but it's probably 90% wood.