Sterling Ropes

26 Aug 2010 15:43

Ropes you say? R.O.P.E.S?

Yep. The Climbing Works is stocking ropes. Why? Obviously we don't use or need them in here, but when the chance comes along to be one of the first UK retailers to stock one of the best sport climbing ropes that currently exist, then we're all over it.

Just because we're a bouldering wall does not mean we don't do other types of climbing and that's exactly the same as our members. Many of us boulder, sport and trad climb so we're happy to support our addictions. The ropes in question? Sterling ropes.

Sterling are one of the PRIMO rope brands in the World. Born out of the USA, they've not been available in the UK until now. How good are these ropes? Well, when you have the uber wads of Chris Sharma, boy prodigy Enzo Oddo, Sonnie Trotter and Joe Kinder to name just a few using them, then you begin to realise the pedigree behind them.

Our selection of Sterling ropes is small but perfectly formed.

Starting at the top we have the Sterling Nano. A 9.2mm, lightweight, pure redpointing rope. This is NOT a rope for mileage, days out, or dogging a route. This is the sending rope, the one you tie-in to when you know its time. When you're 30m up and at the crux, you'll be very happy this rope only weighs 52g/m! If you're the kind of person who thinks about whether that extra biscuit might just ruin your redpoint attempt, this is the rope you want. Available in 60m, 70m and 'Spanish limestone uber routes' 80m lengths.

The Sterling Nano. Also available in orange.

If you're not redpointing something beyond your limit, and want something that will allow you to climb alot of routes and stand the test of time then the Sterling Velocity is for you. At 9.8mm, it's thin and light enough for ticking routes at your top grade. Perfect for dogging up a route, putting the clips in, trying sequences and taking numerous falls. A rope to inspire confidence. Supposedly it's the favourite of a certain Mr Sharma so can't really say more than that. Available in 60m and 70m lengths in silver and blue.

The Sterling Velocity 9.8mm


Last up is a 30m indoor rope for anyone who wants to spend a bit of time going up and down indoors over the coming months. A hardwearing 10.4mm, the Sterling Rock Gym is perfect for the Winter months ahead.

We've recently just done a bit of work in the shop, getting it ready for the Autumn with a lick of paint and a few minor tweaks. Come check out the new Sterling range and see the new shop.