A Quiet Monday...Sort of

23 Aug 2010 17:59

We've started the week like the way we finished off the last one, busy!

Percy has continued on with the wall building as you can see below. This should be all built by Friday and newly set for next Monday.

While Percy has building, Sam and Lu have been doing a bit of a late (or early?) Spring clean in the shop. A bit of paint and a little bit of fixing and we should have it all up and running again in the Morning.

Also occurring today was a bit of setting by mini-cheese Michelle and Dave Mason. This is for the Young Climbers Festival on Thursday so if you're bringing your little ones down beforehand, No Cheating! For everyone else please leave these problems alone as we want them fresh for the kids on Thursday. More info on the Young Climbers Festival (there are a few places left if you're quick) on the website.