Winter Bouldering League Dates & New Circuit

16 Aug 2010 15:00

Even though we're currently wearing shorts in the office, we're well ahead in our planning for the Winter season. Foremost in our mind is the return of The Climbing Works Winter Bouldering League.

What to expect:
Read below and then watch the video of R4 of 2009/10 Winter Bouldering League. You can read more on the news part of the website and watch more highlights of last years rounds on our YouTube page.
25 problems newly set on the Berghaus Competition Wall for the competition.
Time: 6-10pm
4 rounds:
Friday 12th November 2010
Friday 10th December 2010
Friday 7th January 2011
Friday 4th February 2011

Back in the present, Sam has just stripped the Yellow Spotty circuit. By the end of the week we'll have a new one up. Same colour, same grade...ish.