Weekly Updates - Thu 5th Aug 2010

5 Aug 2010 13:06 Young Climbers Festival 2010

On the 26th August The Climbing Works will have its annual Young Climbers Festival. This is a perfect opportunity for kids 7-14 years old, who are regular climbers, to have a Summers day they won't forget. At the end of last years festival we had parents practically pleading with us to run it more often.

The festival will start off with fun games and challenges to get the children warmed up and motivated. The main part of the event is a friendly competition where competitors are given 10 to 15 problems to climb, all selected depending on their age and ability. A new circuit will be set especially for the event and points will be awarded for the lowest number of attempts it takes to climb each problem.

The kids all come away with certificates, prizes and a huge smile (guaranteed).

Read more about the festival on our events pages and book while places are available.

2009's Young Climbers Festival in full swing


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