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30 Aug 2010 10:00 Special Bank Holiday Shoe Offer

Get this offer early! 20% OFF Boreal Storms & Five Ten Freeriders

These technical shoes are perfect for those looking to take it up a notch as we enter the Autumnal bouldering season.

Boreal Storm: RRP £90, Now £72!


27 Aug 2010 18:22 Painting the New Wall

The wall build has been finished and today has been all about sanding, texturing and painting. It will all be dry by Monday so expect some new problems from Tuesday onwards

Matt adding paint to his already wood chipped, cuvar'd, Blox jeans

26 Aug 2010 15:43 Sterling Ropes

Ropes you say? R.O.P.E.S?

Yep. The Climbing Works is stocking ropes. Why? Obviously we don't use or need them in here, but when the chance comes along to be one of the first UK retailers to stock one of the best sport climbing ropes that currently exist, then we're all over it.

Just because we're a bouldering wall does not mean we don't do other types of climbing and that's exactly the same as our members. Many of us boulder, sport and trad climb so we're happy to support our addictions. The ropes in question? Sterling ropes.

Sterling are one of the PRIMO rope brands in the World. Born out of the USA, they've not been available in the UK until now. How good are these ropes? Well, when you have the uber wads of Chris Sharma, boy prodigy Enzo Oddo, Sonnie Trotter and Joe Kinder to name just a few using them, then you begin to realise the pedigree behind them.

Our selection of Sterling ropes is small but perfectly formed.

Starting at the top we have the Sterling Nano. A 9.2mm, lightweight, pure redpointing rope. This is NOT a rope for mileage, days out, or dogging a route. This is the sending rope, the one you tie-in to when you know its time. When you're 30m up and at the crux, you'll be very happy this rope only weighs 52g/m! If you're the kind of person who thinks about whether that extra biscuit might just ruin your redpoint attempt, this is the rope you want. Available in 60m, 70m and 'Spanish limestone uber routes' 80m lengths.

The Sterling Nano. Also available in orange.

If you're not redpointing something beyond your limit, and want something that will allow you to climb alot of routes and stand the test of time then the Sterling Velocity is for you. At 9.8mm, it's thin and light enough for ticking routes at your top grade. Perfect for dogging up a route, putting the clips in, trying sequences and taking numerous falls. A rope to inspire confidence. Supposedly it's the favourite of a certain Mr Sharma so can't really say more than that. Available in 60m and 70m lengths in silver and blue.

The Sterling Velocity 9.8mm


Last up is a 30m indoor rope for anyone who wants to spend a bit of time going up and down indoors over the coming months. A hardwearing 10.4mm, the Sterling Rock Gym is perfect for the Winter months ahead.

We've recently just done a bit of work in the shop, getting it ready for the Autumn with a lick of paint and a few minor tweaks. Come check out the new Sterling range and see the new shop.


25 Aug 2010 14:51 The Great Climb on TV

This weekend sees some major climbing action on the BBC. Going back to the old school days of first ascents shown live on national telly, BBC Scotland are once again trying to attempt 'The Great Climb'. They tried this a few years ago and got shut down by the weather (think everyone knows this feeling) when in the Cairngorms. This year they're on the Scottish Isles, more exactly the Isle of Harris, that well known sun drenched island off the north west coast of Scotland.
The plan is to climb an outrageous looking new line up the famous Sron Ulladale. The climbers are Dave MacLeod and Tim Emmet. Whatever happens it should be entertaining.

It will be broadcast on BBC Scotland, BBC HD, BBC Website and can be watched again on the iplayer - phew! That's alot of coverage...and well worth a viewing.

See a preview on the BBC website and read more on Dave MacLeod's blog

24 Aug 2010 16:16 Safety First

Just to make you all feel that little bit better, the grand fromage's (Percy, Sam & Graeme) along with Lu & Sara all sailed through their First Aid refresher courses. Little things like this reinforce how long we've been open as you need to do one every 3 years.

Make up your own caption here

Yes, Poppy will be getting her own First Aid certificate as she excelled as the rescue dog.


23 Aug 2010 17:59 A Quiet Monday...Sort of

We've started the week like the way we finished off the last one, busy!

Percy has continued on with the wall building as you can see below. This should be all built by Friday and newly set for next Monday.

While Percy has building, Sam and Lu have been doing a bit of a late (or early?) Spring clean in the shop. A bit of paint and a little bit of fixing and we should have it all up and running again in the Morning.

Also occurring today was a bit of setting by mini-cheese Michelle and Dave Mason. This is for the Young Climbers Festival on Thursday so if you're bringing your little ones down beforehand, No Cheating! For everyone else please leave these problems alone as we want them fresh for the kids on Thursday. More info on the Young Climbers Festival (there are a few places left if you're quick) on the website.


23 Aug 2010 10:33 A Sad Farewell

On Sunday we heard the incredibly sad news that Chloe Graftiaux had fallen while descending from the L'aiguille Noire de Peuterey in the Italian Alps.

We knew Chloe from her first visit to Sheffield when she won The Climbing Works International Festival. She returned again in July for the Bouldering World Cup at Cliffhanger, winning again on British soil. A quiet, modest person, Chloe will be sadly missed by all within The Climbing Works.

Our deep and sincere condolensces to her family: www.chloegraftiaux.com/

 Chloe winning The 2010 CWIF on the final problem.


20 Aug 2010 14:26 A Wave of Change

Those who follow our Twitter account will have read this morning about the mass of sound coming from drills, saws, hammers, scraping ladders and the movement of holds. It has been a very busy morning in here.

First up is that the Green Spotty circuit is now no more. It has come off the wall, ready for the holds to be used for our very special Young Climbers Festival that will be held next Thursday. If you've got children who climb, this is a must-do event. There is a few places remaining so read up and get your booking in.

Next up is Sam's new Yellow Spotty circuit which he is currently completing. This will be in the Font 4-5 range and should be all done by later today.

Finally we've had the main cause of all the noise in here today, the removal of the Wavy wall. You can see the process in stages in the photos below but in essence, a lot of power tools were used in its removal. What will come its place? Keep an eye on our blog and find out next week.

One of the parts of the wavy wall that came down - nice table feature




All cordoned off till next week


19 Aug 2010 16:30 Something New

For those who climb in here regularly you might have noticed that the last few circuits have 1, finished at 35. And 2, not used the wavy wall near the kids boulder. The reason behind this was not us forgetting that it existed, or our brains not being to count to 40 anymore, but because of the work that will happen next week.

We've not built a new bit of wall for a little while so the Bishton will get to work tomorrow on taking apart the wavy wall and building.....something amazing! What will it be? You (and Percy) will find out next week.

The wavy wall.....bye bye.


17 Aug 2010 16:45 New Font Guide & Swedish DVD

We've just got in the brand new Fontainebleau guide from the legend that is Jacky Godoffe. Jacky has done Font guides before, with his famous Purple and Blue off-piste circuit guides.

This new Font A Bloc goes away from the circuits and is more of a (huge) select guide to the best of le Foret (most in the 7 grade but alot in the 6's and 8's). I write Foret but this guide is actually only for the areas around Fontainebleau & Barbizon. This is Vol 1 of 3 (other 2 to come in the future) and at 335 (A5) pages its a hefty book.
Pourquoi? Colour photos of pretty much every problem with descriptions and topo lines means you will not be wondering if you've found the right bloc. Add in the excellent maps and information for each area and this is a guide that will be keeping you awake at night as you go 'just one more area'...

Font A Bloc available online or instore >>

From the bloc to the rope, Crackoholic is a new DVD covering the beautiful Swedish granite area of Bohuslan. Having visited this area last year, I can safely say that this barely known place is a stunning location for anyone who loves granite. From trad fingercracks to safe sport climbs you can find it all here. 90 areas spread across a landscape carved out of fairytales, Bohuslan has somehow escaped the attention of most climbers from the UK. This DVD will change that. Watch the trailer below:


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