Party Post-Cliffhanger

30 Jun 2010 18:11

As stated yesterday, The Climbing Works will be organising and DJ'ing the Cliffhanger Warm Down on Sunday night after the IFSC bouldering world cup. Tickets are FREE (but you must have one for entry) and the party will be attended by many of the competitors as they let their hair down after a big weekend.

You can get your FREE ticket from The Climbing Works reception desk from today. The party will start at 7pm on the Sunday night and will go on till 1am. The venue is Alpkit's Big Shake Out at Whirlow bridge just on the outskirts of Sheffield & the Peak District. It's all about bangin' tunes and a celebration of a great weekend. It's a 15min walk or 5min drive from Millhouses park (Cliffhanger Venue)


If you're keen on improving your climbing then make sure to take advantage of our climbing masterclasses that we'll be running at Cliffhanger on both Saturday & Sunday. These are for people who are experienced climbers and are similar to our Adult Improver's sessions that we run normally. We'll also have Steve McClure running a very special masterclass on both Saturday & Sunday. He'll be passing on his advice for those who are keen to move up a step in their climbing.


Because this weekend is such a big event we'll be CLOSED ALLDAY Saturday re-opening at Noon on Sunday. Those coming in on Sunday will be using a different door as our normal reception will be shut as its all being ripped out for something new and improved. The work should all be done by Tuesday so Sunday & Monday you'll be using the back door, and a temporary reception, to gain access.