Stew & Dave on top of the world

5 Jun 2010 04:10

Well not quite on top of the world but competing at 8000ft after only a couple of days acclimatisation it's getting pretty high. Add in a bit of jet lag and you can appreciate what a good job the boys have done so far in the Vail (Colorado) round of the IFSC World Cup.

Stew qualified in 5th with 3 boulders out of the 5 (the best scores were 4 out of 5) whilst Dave scraped in in 20th with 1 top. The problems were hard, well hard.

Dave's nerves were in tatters as he had climbed fairly early and there were lots and lots of unranked Americans, Canadians, japanese etc etc that could have pushed him down to 21st and out of the semi. The last guy out needed to top out on P4 or P5 and the gaggle of Brits were confident that the way Vail local Adam had messed around on P3 meant that a top out was not going to happen. After a couple of failed attempts at the double dyno he suddenly caught it and was zooming up to the last hold. British nerves were very frayed as Adam tickled the finishing hold before falling. phew said the Brits and Dave lived to fight another day.

Semis and finals are tomorrow. There is some webcasting going on here but it is only a single camera so you takes your chances............