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30 Jun 2010 18:11 Party Post-Cliffhanger

As stated yesterday, The Climbing Works will be organising and DJ'ing the Cliffhanger Warm Down on Sunday night after the IFSC bouldering world cup. Tickets are FREE (but you must have one for entry) and the party will be attended by many of the competitors as they let their hair down after a big weekend.

You can get your FREE ticket from The Climbing Works reception desk from today. The party will start at 7pm on the Sunday night and will go on till 1am. The venue is Alpkit's Big Shake Out at Whirlow bridge just on the outskirts of Sheffield & the Peak District. It's all about bangin' tunes and a celebration of a great weekend. It's a 15min walk or 5min drive from Millhouses park (Cliffhanger Venue)


If you're keen on improving your climbing then make sure to take advantage of our climbing masterclasses that we'll be running at Cliffhanger on both Saturday & Sunday. These are for people who are experienced climbers and are similar to our Adult Improver's sessions that we run normally. We'll also have Steve McClure running a very special masterclass on both Saturday & Sunday. He'll be passing on his advice for those who are keen to move up a step in their climbing.


Because this weekend is such a big event we'll be CLOSED ALLDAY Saturday re-opening at Noon on Sunday. Those coming in on Sunday will be using a different door as our normal reception will be shut as its all being ripped out for something new and improved. The work should all be done by Tuesday so Sunday & Monday you'll be using the back door, and a temporary reception, to gain access.



29 Jun 2010 17:45 IFSC Bouldering World Cup at Cliffhanger

This weekend sees the penultimate round of this year's IFSC Bouldering World Cup taking place at Cliffhanger in Millhouses Park, Sheffield.

This years bouldering world cup has been an amazing year with both the Men's and Women's categories finely balanced going into the last 2 rounds. You can watch highlights of the Moscow round below and get psyched for some of the world's best boulderers crushing on the purpose built bouldering wall.

You can find all the information regarding times, days and other events at Cliffhanger on the website at www.cliff-hanger.co.uk/

We're one of the sponsors of Cliffhanger and we'll be there with a climbing wall running improver sessions all weekend alongside FiveTen athlete, and general hero, Steve McClure. We're also going to be bringing the weekend to a big end with a party on the Sunday night at Alpkits big shake out area. We'll let you know how to get tickets, when & where, info on the sessions, etc.. tomorrow on our website & blog.

On tomorrow's blog as well, you'll find out about some of the physical changes that are about to happen within The Climbing Works reception area. It's been 3.5 yrs since we opened and we think the place needs a bit of a facelift.

17 Jun 2010 12:01 Partial Closure UPDATE: 3rd & 4th July

Over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th July, The Climbing Works will have a partial closure because of our sponsorship of the IFSC Bouldering World Cup. This event will be taking place at Cliifhanger in Millhouses Park.

We will still be CLOSED ALLDAY Saturday 3rd July, but we will be re-opening earlier on Sunday 4th July. Previously it was 2pm, now it will be Noon. If you've just watched the Bouldering World Cup you'll probably be pretty psyched to get training / climbing so you now have the chance for an extra few hours.

The British Bouldering Championships will be held on the same wall at the same venue the weekend before. This is a BMC event and is FREE to watch. After last year's amazing competition, this is again looking like a top class event that will come down to the wire.

Watch the highlights video of the last round of the IFSC Bouldering World Cup, held in Vail Colorado, below:


16 Jun 2010 15:33 Purple Spotty Video & Comp Wall Reset

As promised, there's a new video of the purple spotty circuit as set by Percy and Sam. You can watch these two test some of their new creations below...and maybe get some beta.

You can also view the latest and up to date topo for the circuits here. 11 colour circuits with about 420 problems between Font 3 to 7c.

On Monday the Berghaus Competition Wall will be stripped and reset for the end of the week so if you have any remaining projects on it, you have the weekend to get them sent.

Another reminder that we will have a partial closure over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th July due to the Bouldering World Cup and Cliffhanger. All the details on our news page


15 Jun 2010 15:46 A Little Bit of Fresh Paint

This week see's a little bit of fresh paint going on two of the main pillars within The Climbing Works. They were looking a little 'worn' so we thought we'd brighten them up for the Summer.


As you can see in the photos below, we've had to close more than just the 2 pillars. The main arch and most of the slab is also closed due to a little bit of maintenance on the mats that we decided to bring forward due to the painting work. It should all be done and reopen again by Friday.


Today we also received back into stock the Scarpa Instinct Slippers that were so popular we quickly sold out of pretty much every size within a few weeks. These shoes have been a big hit this year, a slipper that's made out of Lorica which means it doesn't stretch like a classic slipper. The shape is aggressive enough for technical bouldering but the rubber soft enough to smear on gritstone slopers. A popular shoe for a very good reason.


On Monday we'll be stripping the Berghaus Competition Wall so this week is your last chance to get any projects ticked...maybe even some of those that are in the video below. We'll have a new set of problems up by the end of the following week.



11 Jun 2010 12:52 New Purple Circuit & Cliffhanger Info

Percy and Sam have finished off the Purple Spotty's today with 40 brand new problems in the 6a to 6b range. The 20 or so that were set yesterday already got a good hammering last night so it's going to be a popular circuit. We'll have a video on Monday of some of the new circuit.

As the football World Cup kick's off today it seems only right to remind you about another World Cup (round) which is taking place closer to home. On the first weekend of July, Cliffhanger is taking place with the highlight being the Bouldering World Cup which will take place on the Saturday (qualifiers) and Sunday (finals). The Climbing Works is sponsoring the event and will be CLOSED allday Saturday 3rd July, re-opening Sunday 4th July at 2pm. We're acting as an 'isolation and warmup' for the 200 or so competitors so that's why we will be closed. This event is attracting some of the best competition climbers in the World so make sure not to miss out.

We're also taking care of the after-party which will be held on the Sunday night at the 'Big Shake-Out' which is a short walk from the event.

The weekend before (26th / 27th June), Millhouses Park will play host to the British Bouldering Championships. Last years event was a thrilling affair with both the Men's and Women's competition coming down to the final problem. You can watch Ned Feehally on his way to victory in the video below:

5 Jun 2010 04:10 Stew & Dave on top of the world

Well not quite on top of the world but competing at 8000ft after only a couple of days acclimatisation it's getting pretty high. Add in a bit of jet lag and you can appreciate what a good job the boys have done so far in the Vail (Colorado) round of the IFSC World Cup.

Stew qualified in 5th with 3 boulders out of the 5 (the best scores were 4 out of 5) whilst Dave scraped in in 20th with 1 top. The problems were hard, well hard.

Dave's nerves were in tatters as he had climbed fairly early and there were lots and lots of unranked Americans, Canadians, japanese etc etc that could have pushed him down to 21st and out of the semi. The last guy out needed to top out on P4 or P5 and the gaggle of Brits were confident that the way Vail local Adam had messed around on P3 meant that a top out was not going to happen. After a couple of failed attempts at the double dyno he suddenly caught it and was zooming up to the last hold. British nerves were very frayed as Adam tickled the finishing hold before falling. phew said the Brits and Dave lived to fight another day.

Semis and finals are tomorrow. There is some webcasting going on here but it is only a single camera so you takes your chances............

2 Jun 2010 15:12 The Climbing Works International Festival 2011: Dates & Film

The 4th CWIF took place in March and was a huge success. We had over 200 people enter and we must have turned away at least 50 other people in the 7 days in the run-up to the event. You can watch the 2010 highlights film at the bottom of this blog.

It's fair to say that the CWIF is becoming a big competition...which is what we always wanted - A UK based competition that attracted the best from the UK, Europe & beyond. What we don't want to lose is the friendly & social atmosphere that allows normal Climbing Works customers to climb alongside these WADs. To connect the increasing international and domestic popularity of the CWIF we've made some slight changes to The CWIF 2011.

The biggest change is that CWIF 2011 will now be a 2 day event taking place on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th March 2011.

The last 4 years, the CWIF has tested the guile, strength and stamina of the competitors over a day that can last for nearly 12 hours for the finalists. In 2011 we will change to the format of having the qualifiers on the Saturday and the Semi's & Finals on the Sunday. This will allow us to increase the overall number of competitors from last years 'too few' 200 to at least 300.

On top of this we will be teaming up with the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF) to deliver a weekend not to be missed. As the year continues we will release more information regarding registration etc... but in the meantime you can have a read of CWIF 2011 on our website to find out a little of what to expect.

You can also watch the highlights of CWIF 2010 on the film below. We've just used the footage from the webcast stream for this film so apologies for missing some angles but we hope you enjoy it.


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