Vienna, Colorado, Cliffhanger

31 May 2010 07:48

The Bouldering World Cup circuit moves on from Vienna to Vail this weekend.

Cliffhanger is the penultimate round of this years circuit and if you want to see some mutants performing their amazing tricks then it is definately the place to be on the 3rd & 4th July.

Vienna saw Stew Watson get to his first final where he was oh so close to getting on the podium. Check out the little video quickly put together by Udo Newmann

Graeme is off to Colorado in the morning to see that everything is done properly and he promises to let us know how things pan out. It's a dirty job..........

BTW there is no live webcast from Vail. The next one is from Eindhoven on the same weekend as the BBC. Cliffhanger will also be webcast.