Men's Quals over In Vienna

28 May 2010 13:09

Well Graeme managed to get himself on the webcast microphone reminding some Australian friends of The Works that England hold the Ashes & are World T20 Champions. And the Aussies aren't.

What happend in the Boulder World Cup. Well we have 2 Brits in the men's semi, Dave Barrans squeezed in after topping 2 blocs in his half of the draw but Stewbacca Watson did really well, qualifying in 7th in his group after topping 4 out of 5 blocs.

Diane Meerick and Marina Phylidia Leslie-Wuyastyk (Mina Wudgy-Wudgy to you and me) will be climbing in their qualification round at 4pm (BST).

Full results are here

The live webcasting is here