Comp Wall Setting

10 May 2010 16:27

The old comp wall has been stripped and some new problems have been set. There's not much to get on yet, and what there is, it's brick hard. The rest of the wall will be set later on in the week so there should be more to play on by the weekend.

The remains of the old wall...

...and the start of the new one


At the start of July, Cliffhanger returns to Sheffield and this year it will be hosting a round of the Bouldering World Cup. It will attract the best of the World's boulderers and will be an amazing event to watch. As part of The Climbing Works support for this event, the wall will be the isolation zone for the competitors before the qualifiers and finals. What this means is that we will unfortunately be shut to the public allday on Saturday July 3rd. We will reopen on Sunday at 2pm. You can read more on the website>>